Ailing with Age

Best Bargain Going

An Addition or Two

Merry Christmas!

Bethlehem Gulch

Cinnamon Sticks

Sleep Habits

Why Does it Bother Me?

Sign, Seal, and Deliver

Try Harder

Newest Nemesis

Shower with a Friend

Believe it or Not

Plunge Taken

My Current Soap Box

Mascara, Paula White, and Surgery


Perfect Timing


Could You Care Less?

It's True

A Happy Place

Using Time Wisely

Winning Edge-less

Playing Snow

Loathing Lunges

Losing It

Time to Read

Get This

Perfect Pandemonium

Four Affordable?

Forever Flannel

Three Words to Avoid

Let the Skull be your Guide

Is is 12:00?

Christmas in October

Two Extremes

Is There Any Such Thing?

Allergy Gone

Just Say...Maybe

Until Death

Some Things to Think About

Cancel My Subscription

The Vet

Man Spray

Toe Hair

Conversation with a Four Year Old

Prepare for Random Miracles

Three CD's

Elimination of Two

Seriously, Joking

What Would You Do?

Panty Lines

Idiot: Round Two

Oh Happy Day!

Linda's Day Care