Get This

I had to share this with you. Normally I do not take something from another persons blog to share with you but I could not resist. Also, I have included something I have discovered on my own. The cake below is from an office party. I found this at the Grammar Vandal blog. The person ordering was making the purchase at a Wal-Mart Superstore. He asked for the following: (This is FOR REAL)

"I would like the cake to say, 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that, 'We will miss you'"
I think that someone needs to get their high school diploma!

Also, If you are celebrating Halloween today and still have not purchased a pumpkin, the real estate office down the road is offering free pumpkins. All you have to do is buy a home! The cute sign in front of their office reads: "Free pumpkin with every home purchase!" Perfect! I'll take four homes. That way each child will receive a free pumpkin. We will only be about two and a half million dollars in debt, but at least we will have four pumpkins to carve.

Happy Halloween!


Sarah Markley said…
This is so great! I love it that even "underneath" is spelled wrong too. Great. Shaking my head now.
allison said…
love north hills realty.....always so generous to give away a pumpkin. My kids always comment on that every year. so lame.
Gina Conroy said…
Very funny! Welcome to Writer...Interrupted!