My Current Soap Box

Recently I inadvertently purchased a t-shirt for my preschool boy. It was purchased at Tilly's which is a clothing store in Orange County which features hip clothing for teenages. They have a section in the back of the store for boys. The shirt I purchased was manufactured by O'Neill. They sell wetsuits mainly, and an array of clothing.

I did not scrutinize the t-shirt being purchased (I did not know that I had to look to see if there was pornography on a four year olds shirt) After he had worn the shirt to school, I had washed it, and was folding it to put away, I noticed that the shirt had a graphic drawing of two naked women. This company obviously knew that preschool boys would be wearing this shirt and now my son has been exposed to pornography. I am appalled that a company like O'Neill would stoop to this level and that the buyers at Tilly's would choose to carry this t-shirt. How many other distracted mothers, purchasing sale items for their boys, have accidently purchased these shirts and allowed their children to wear them to school?

I have contacted countless people and no one seems to care. No one from Tilly's or O'Neil has returned my call, and evidently the law is very gray as to what can be printed on a child's t-shirt. Wow, if that is not scary, I'm speechless.

Check it our for yourself. Our major news station and newpaper found that pornograpy on a child's shirt was not news least for now. What does that tell you?

Please boycott O'Neill and Tilly's. This is so sad. My son was extremely embarrassed when the picture was discovered. Great, now I have to hide him from internet, television, and t-shirts!

Please email this to your So. Cal friends so they can be aware...thanks!


Amy said…
Scary! I'm with you on this one. I'm amazed at how UNcareful industries are with our little ones. My soapbox is this: MORE words on TV need to be bleeped out. the B word for yucky women and the A word for rear end are around on network TV in the middle of the day, and might be overheard by little ears. Or I should just turn off the TV.
Sarah Markley said…
This is so icky. Sorry. I agree with you!
Laci O said…
WOW!. That's sad. Good eye though. It'll really be crazy when I have kids. Ahh! I can already imagine my overprotectiveness!