Cancel My Subscription

Lately I have been receiving opportunities through the mail for magazine subscriptions at a super low rate. For eight dollars I signed up for two magazines one of those being Redbook. They call it a market research discount. I have no idea what that means. Typically magazines pile up around my house since I prioritize writing over reading but when given a moment of time, and since I am not a lover of novels, glossy mags suit my impatient reading style.

The October issue of Rebook Magazine arrived in the mail recently and I stuffed it into my nightstand for a future flip through. One particular evening I was perusing the pages and happened upon a section of their magazine titled, "How She Does It." The question they ask, is "How do you make life work?" and usually is about a working mom juggling kids and family while volunteering for a local hospice or something of that nature which should be commended.

I thought about submitting my picture and story about how I use Fun Dip candy to entertain everyone at home while I jog or how chocolate donuts and seven kinds of snack foods end up in my shopping cart since I am talking on the mobile phone while grocery shopping. I could tell them about setting my little ones up in the living room with a bag of popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, and soda so that I can steal an hour on the computer. I could, but I won't.

Their last "featured reader" caused me to cancel my eight dollar subscription. It's a matter of principal. She is a working mother of five children. Crazy! She is a novice pool player. Impressive! She moved from an apartment to a home after her divorce so the kids have their own rooms. Nice! She has her boyfriend, who is twelve years younger that she is, living with them. (she is 36 and he is 24) Not good! She has a 15 year old daughter who is closer in age to her boy toy than she is. Pathetic! AND insists that her toy and the kids "get along so well that it puts a smile on her face." Right! Three of the five children in the picture are NOT smiling. Does that concern her? How fast will that smile fade when they are all in failed marriages and therapy for her stupid decisions? Selfishness is ramped. Selflessness rare.

I cannot believe they feature this women as someone whom we should applaud. My subscription is cancelled. I'll stick with Real Simple, Today's Christian Woman, and The Writer. Their moral compasses notably stay the course.