Merry Christmas!

I got a lap top! I am thrilled, even though it sits it a box needing assistance before it can be properly used. I actually have a computer of my own that my children will not be allowed to breathe on let alone touch. I feel like such a big girl. I'm glad that I did not get a pony.

I did not get my red Vespa. I may have to wait until my birthday, if ever.

I need to brag for a second to all the readers who do not reside in Southern California. Yesterday we attended a 1:00 Christmas Eve service at our church, Saddleback. I am happy to report that with our fantastic weather, I wore a short sleeved top and flip flops...nice flip flops. It was joyous to be donned in "spring clothing" on the third day of winter. I kept telling my husband how happy I was to be wearing short sleeves. He just smiled. On the flip side, my children complain notoriously about the fact that they have never seen snow. Never is a strong word. Oh those poor children.

Well, ramblings may go forever, and my glossy magazines, and new TNIV Bible await. Merry Christmas and good eats!


I started yesterday out dressed in the same, not taking into consideration that I would be at work till 10:30pm (at Saddleback), I froze later but it was great while it lasted during the day! Yeah for S. Cal! Congrats on the laptop...mine is ALSO not touchable to the's great NO STICKY HAND PRINTS! Merry Christmas you funny blogger!
Sarah Markley said…
I know, wasn't Sunday beautiful! But then, of course, was the wind that howled and woke me at 330am on Christmas morning. I guess Santa got here anyway! So happy about your computer! =)
Amy said…
I didn't know you went to Saddleback! I had a Christmas Eve in-between-services supper with a woman who had recently visited your church, and we grilled her about all sorts of details like someone who had been to the Holy Land. It was a fascinating discussion!

Hey, I'm going to be in Orange County on THursday afternoon (flying in in the morning and flying out at night). While I'm waiting for my flight, I'll wave at you from SNA.