What Would You Do?

If Bags of Money (coins not dollars) Were Dropped on my Doorstep Every Week I Would:

• Send my youngest to preschool three days a week instead of two
• Go on vacation with my husband to Palm Springs
• Get a new veneer on my front tooth
• Buy a new car
• Vacation in Death Valley, CA in August
• Have expensive coffee beans delivered to my home
• Purchase a laptop computer
• Traipse to Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert
• Have the bulging vein on my leg sucked dry
• Take a writing vacation and write, write, write
• Invest in the Pooper Scooper Company
• Take my nieces and nephews on a shopping spree
• Adorn my sister-in-laws with new wardrobes
• Treat my mom and in-laws to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
• Order new couches and carpeting
• Eat out more often
• Purchase a Llama
• Pave my brother’s driveway with cement
• Pay for my mother’s new roof
• Send my mom to Ohio to see my brother and his family
• Take everyone in our family to Hawaii for two weeks
• Sign up for badminton lessons
• Send my big kids and husband on an African missions trip
• Tattoo my back with a portrait of my family

Can you spot the jokes?
I could go on and on…for real!
What would you do?


Amanda said…
BAGS of money EVERY day. Like, I can rely on this as mana from Heaven?
First- new house.
Second- someone to clean my new house.
Third- someone to cook in my new house.
Fourth- houses on my street for my friends and their families.
...good times
Anonymous said…
Not "pay off my brother's house"...sheeesh, thanks for the cement!
D :)
Mel said…
I really hope the tattoo is the joke.


I just may answer this on my blog . . . if I get around to it!