Three CD's

I bought three new CD’s from my list of seven which I would like to purchase by Christmas. Actually, along with my Vespa, TNIV Bible, and lap top computer, I am adding them to my Christmas list. One can never be too early on creating a Christmas list.

As a side note, I caught a glimpse of twinkly lights in the windows of the garden area at Target. My two little ones shouted, "Christmas trees!” while my daughter and I rolled our eyes and she commented, “That is ridiculous mom, Christmas trees in September?” I had to agree although I am not even sure that they were in fact Christmas trees, but they probably were.

Since I teach a mommy and me class through the city, where music and games are played, I found it necessary to play music that is pleasing to my ears as opposed to music which appeals to those under the age of five. Call me selfish. If I went around singing Sesame Street songs, or those produced by Raffi, my brain may turn to Jello and I would drive away any living creature within a ten foot radius as well as be sentenced to a loony bin for mothers who cannot get children's music out of their heads.

For MY listening pleasure I have chosen, Earth, Wind, and Fire Greatest Hits, Chicago Greatest Hits, and Casting Crowns Lifesong. Still to be purchased, or received as a gift...hint, hint, are Journey Greatest Hits, Cars Greatest Hits, Casting Crowns The Alter and the Door, and Boston Greatest Hits. In case you haven't noticed I am a child of the seventies and eighties. The mothers who attend my class with their little ones will appreciate my music choices I'm sure. Last semester I played disco music and repeatedly caught moms dancing and singing along.

I will continue to add to my Christmas list as the day approaches. When I hand it to my kids and husband I'm hoping that they feel generous, otherwise, I will have to make a trip to Target to purchase the forgotton and over looked items for myself - riding my Vespa of course.


Katie said…
I wouldn't be suprised if that was a Christmas tree your daughter spotted! We were shopping at Garden Ridge in early August, and they had Christmas Trees/Christmas decor galore! It is crazy!! I wouldn't doubt that soon we will find Christmas merchandise going up in late Spring!