Seriously, Joking

Were you able to catch the jokes from my previous post?

~Vacation in Death Valley, CA in August
The temperature in Death Valley in August tip toes over and around 120 degrees. The lizards run for cover. I love the heat, but vacationing near the sun's eyeball requires too much sunscreen.

~Traipse to Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert
Please do not take offense to the fact that I would rather vacation in Death Valley, in August, for three weeks straight than see Celine Dion in concert. However, I would like to see Train, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, or Casting Crowns...just to name a few.

~Invest in the Pooper Scooper Company
The Pooper Scooper is a fantastic contraption and having a Poop Butler visit my yard to remove the waste sounds wonderful. I'm sure that when folks in the O.C. start cutting back on their expenses, due to the high cost of living, the Pooper Scooper guy will be the first in line looking for a new job. I'll take my investments elsewhere.

~Purchase a Llama
Dogs are great, llamas--not so much.

~Sign up for badminton lessons
I have always wanted to learn how to execute a perfect Russian jump
and pop a wheelie on my bicycle. Badminton lessons are for birdies. Get it? I thought that was really funny. I do that a lot though...think that I am funny when no one else does.

~Tattoo my back with a portrait of my family
My tattoo, if I had one, would be small and discrete. I'm thinking about getting my husband's initials on my ring finger, under my wedding band. I know a guy. Can you believe that I know a guy?