Is There Any Such Thing?

I need a house organizer. I am not referring to one of those people that comes into your home, discards everything deemed unnecessary and has a gigantic garage sale for you. I am clutter free. Things do not sit long in my home. I toss important papers simply because I have no where to put them, then reap the consequences.

My home is on the small side for six bodies. We have one living area where we all gather. I need more space without using a sledge hammer and two by fours. I would love for someone to rearrange my furniture and make my living space more livable.

My bedroom has a king sized bed, HUGE desk, and armoire circa 1982. My bedroom needs rearranging so that I have a sitting area to do my reading, and a computer desk that doesn't take up one-third of the entire room.

My dining room has a table for dining, brilliant, a large table with a computer on top and a fireplace that has been used once in nine years. These So Cal winters don't exactly require weeks of gas induced flames to warm chilled bodies. Our heater works great.

Without a large sum of money to uproot my home and rebuild one with more usable space, I am stuck trying to get creative. I do not hold creative credentials in the interior design area. Give me some markers, construction paper, and butcher paper and I will make you a fantastic "Happy Birthday" sign, or bulletin board for your classroom--hardly useful for a home.

Aren't there wonderful people out there who are just naturally savvy with home layout that love to volunteer their services? Perhaps I can make them a "Happy Birthday" sign in exchange for their design expertise. I'm going to start asking around. I'm sure that someone, somewhere is having a birthday soon and needs a sign--someone, hopefully with skills that I can borrow.


lisa burgess said…
hysterical, esp. about the not-so-useful happy birthday signs...linda, you're so amazing. i'm so proud to call you friend. congrats on your upcoming publication, wow.
Allison Yates said…
call my sister....she loves doing that!!!!!
Amanda said…
Call me! i like to think of myself as interior savvy, maybe you won't but I don't charge (just make me dinner), you've got mothing to lose.
Jen Torok said…
--pretty hilarious that I stumbled across your blog tonight--(i'm usually in bed this early-yes, I know it's only 8:45PM) --as Allison so correctly stated- "I love doing that"--give me a call--I'm very familiar with 6 bodies in small spaces!