An Addition or Two

Previously I blogged on "Why does it Bother Me?" about the things that I loved as a kid, but now bother me. I need to get over being such an old fuddy duddy mom about it and move on. However, my daughter reminded me of my all time most annoying thing-I-loved-as-a-child-and loathe-now, and, in addition, I have another to add to my list.

Jaw breakers: I would buy the biggest jaw breaker I could find. I would lick the rough otter edge until the ball became white. I would set it on my dresser at night and wake up the next day licking the jaw breaker until it was small enough to fit into my mouth and then eventually chew it to bits. This process took days.

I had the opportunity to chaperon some fifth graders to the mall. After our lunch we walked to the nearby candy store. Many kids filled bags with gummy candy and very little chocolate, but almost everyone purchased jaw breakers. One girl spent $8.75 on the delightful delicacies and everyone ooohed and ahhhed at the very thought of partaking in the jaw breaking experience. Gag! I don't get jaw breakers anymore. They are a waste of sugar and frankly speaking may even break your jaw.

Green Apple flavored bubble gum: I loved bubble gum. I still do and ever since my sister-in-law, Karen, introduced me to Orbit Bubblemint I keep a pack in my purse at all times.

When I was younger they had just introduced green apple flavored bubble gum. I chewed it daily. My dad could not stand the smell of my gum, and although he never made me spit it out, complained about the smell relentlessly. I didn't get what was so putrid about the smell of my bubble gum. Well, now that I am an adult, I cannot stand the smell of green apple bubble gum. My son loves it.

Today I am going to the store to purchase green apple bubble gum and jawbreakers. I am attempting to overcome my fuddy duddyiness. Wish me luck!

Comments is the jawbreaker and green apple gum experiment going? You are braver than I am! I used to purchase my jawbreakers at Farrells! Don't laugh, I just gave away my age!