The Vet

I need to preface the fact, before I begin, that I love my dog. There. I said it. He received a blood test last week to determine his thyroid count. Good-bye $60.00. I picked up the necessary medication. Good-bye $20.00. His medication changed as per the blood test. Good-bye $10.00. He needs another blood test in three weeks. That will be another sixty dollars. His medication will need to be re-prescribed. At the low end, it will cost $30.00. That was just this week.

Our dog is fifteen. He is deaf. He eats well, sleeps well, walks, and does what every normal dog does. Why oh why all of the tests? They tried to rope me into a "senior panel" which I chose to opt out of, but they did the test by mistake. I refused to pay for something my dog did not need.

A girl and her boyfriend were picking up "Pumpkin" their bill was $191.00. It had to do with some cleaning and a suggested anal cleanse...ooh.

A gentleman today was picking up "Amber." He purchased a dog tooth brush, ear cleaner and a few other items that he probably did not need. His bill was over one hundred dollars also.

My neighbor adopted a dog from her grandmother who had passed. Five days into the adoption, she discovered that the dog had some problems which would cost her $3,500. Thankfully her father and aunt pitched in to cover the cost otherwise Lola would be...well...sleeping alongside Grandma.

Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian. I planed on attending UC Davis and receiving the necessary credentials. I then found out how much math was involved. I don't do math. I went into teaching and only had to master fifth grade math. I can do fifth grade math as long as the Teacher's Edition is close by.

Dogs are great. I love dogs. Dogs are expensive. Vets are expensive. I am in the wrong business.