Best Bargain Going

I love to eat breakfast at a restaurant. I don't need fancy fare, just a plate full of variety. My husband laughs at my desire to eat breakfast out since he loves to cook, and willingly offers to cook an egg dish, served hot and fresh, every Sunday morning. (We go to church on Saturday night). I enjoy his cooking immensely, but there is just something special about having someone else bring you breakfast, exactly the way you like, with everything imaginable on the side.

My last breakfast, in a restaurant, was on the 20th, my mother's birthday. I ordered the platter which was served with two eggs over medium, bacon, potatoes, and the best part, a side of Belgian waffles. Inadvertently I forgot to order a side of English Muffins. I love the way the egg yolk slips into the nooks and crannies of the muffin when I spread the egg over the top of the bread. This isn't the easiest meal to replicate at home.

I also love the 49er Flap Jacks from The Original Pancake House. I forgo the eggs and stick with the pancakes on the mornings I am privileged enough to visit this fine establishment. Last time we took our four children there they were horrible. My husband and I have vowed to only return if we are child-free. The experience gets tainted otherwise.

By far and away the very best, get-it-in-a-hurry-breakfast-on-a-dime, literally, is the much-loved donut. Admittedly I don't frequent the donut shop as often as I would like to but, that is, the best bargain going in the world. Where else can you get a warm, fried, sugary, pastry, and a cup of hot coffee, for under two bucks? I'll tell you, no where! My fave is the cinnamon roll. My second fave is the apple fritter even though I usually don't like cooked apples. I realize that my top two are not officially donuts, but who's the donut cop? Okay, if I must stick to the true donut standard, the glazed donut wins my vote.

Breakfast out is delightful. Out of necessity, and bloat, a long, very slow, jog usually follows my big breakfast. Burping eggs or flap jacks during exercise is not my first choice, but I'm always willing to make the sacrifice.


Sarah Markley said…
Kudos to you. I so can't jog after eating like that! =)
The 49er Flapjacks is what we ALWAYS order when we go to the Pancake House too!! They practically melt in your mouth! =) --joanna