Plunge Taken

Typically we wait until the first full week in December before we purchase and decorate a Christmas tree. Typically. My two youngest have been biting at the bit to get a tree assuming that once the tree is purchased, the gifts than arrive, and the next step is - viola` Christmas morning in all of its glory.

The true concept of time has yet to soak into their brains so I keep reminding them that even though we have a tree, which was purchased on November 30th in the rain (way too early in my mind), the tree is gleefully decorated, the lights outside are hung, and Christmas lists are compiled, Christmas is a long way off. Really it is. "How long?" my youngest questions, "This long?" and he stretches his arms wide like a super big bear hug. "Yep" I reply, "That long." He slaps his hands down at his sides, drops his shoulders and walks away from me.

The advent calendars I purchased a week ago are nearly null and void. My candy head, oldest boy is surprisingly the only one who has waited until today to start opening the little window and eaten the first chocolate. the rest of the children have already consumed about two weeks worth of chocolates.

Thanks to commercialism we are in the very middle of the Merry Christmas merry-go-round. Whoa. Hold on tight, it is a fast ride, but really, it is a long way off - 25 days to be exact. That is a lifetime to a child.