Believe it or Not

I’ve looked at seven new homes this past month. Each one of them is listed in the low millions. The tax rate is 1.8%. That is not an issue for us at this point. I asked if the furnished model was available. It is.

My husband makes a lot of money and I am a full-time writer and speaker. My daughter attends a private Christian college and the younger boys take private hitting lessons from a retired major league baseball player. We just sold our home and need more space. We need a five bedroom home immediately. We need to move within 30 days.

We are considering investing in a condo also. We would like to purchase one for my mother. We are nice that way. She needs a new home and frankly, we have the extra money.

Dream on dream weaver. It is all an act. I am a mystery shopper for a land developer. I “shop” their sales offices. It is fun to pretend and get paid for it. I am very convincing! Returning to reality is hard to swallow.


Mel said…
Geez! I thought maybe there was something you forgot to tell me . . . !!!