Shower with a Friend

My youngest will shower with any warm body whether he needs to or not. He has been know to rack up to three showers in one day depending on how many family members he can convince to letting him join in the misty loveliness. With all of that man soap slipping around his body we have deemed him the cleanest kid in the O.C. Not bad for a four-year old.

On the other hand, showers have become uncommonly popular among my older children and I have no idea why. This is a huge switch from the boy who begged me to let him wait until the morning hoping I would forget about his much needed soaking and allow his sweaty mass to offend those around him at school. People would be sure to point and whisper when they saw me knowing that I was the one who sent my filth ridden child to school. The stares would be too much to bear.

As for the girl, I can remember just months ago pulling out the baby powder and shaking the contents on my her scalp to cover the grease. This was done in attempts to push through another day without a shower. It was enough to get her to brush her teeth, let alone shower and wash her face. The audacity of such a strict mother was overwhelming.

I am happy to report that almost everyone showers on a regular basis without arguments and fur flying. The two oldest even jump out of bed early in the morning in order to squeeze in a shower before school. Crazy. I still have one small six year old hurdle who insists that he is irritated with the sheer action of just getting wet, and in case you didn't notice, the shower is full of wet. That never seemed to be a problem all those times we swam in the summertime and dripped with wet. What gives? I think he hates smelling good. Once again I force the clean, and once again I am deemed the "Meanest Mom in the World." I apologize.