Two Extremes

I cannot help but notice the extremes prevalent in today’s society. On one hand, I hear on the news that more and more couples are spending their honeymoon assisting the poor and serving those in need in other countries. As well, families are spending their vacation time doing the same thing. Noble indeed. Ten years ago few folks visited Africa to reach out a helping hand, now, I can name 50 people that I know who have been to Africa more than one time not for a safari adventure, a fantastic change for the better.

On the other hand, sales of pet mansions, pet strollers and other over-priced pet accessories are topping sales charts. Today I was in a Starbucks waiting in line to purchase a slice of coffee cake and a small coffee. A woman out side, picked her leashed dog up, cradled him, and walked into the restaurant. Every inch of me wanted to shout, “Get your stupid dog out of the restaurant,” but I calmly waited for the barista to note the situation and handle the reprimand. He did not say anything until she asked if she could wait in line with her pet. It was then that he told her to wait outside and he would bring her coffee out to her. I hope that she left him a big tip. Shesh!

What happened to putting the loop of the leash under the foot of a chair and leaving your dog outside for three minutes? Was she afraid someone would steal him in the six minutes it would take to order coffee? Is the dog allergic to outdoor air? Is her dog treated better than her own husband? The dog was notable embarrassed. I whispered, "I'm sorry" to him when he gazed into my eyes begging me to take him home and place him outside on my welcome mat. I’m pretty sure she had a stroller in the back of her car for the dog as well as a pretty, pretty pet mansion back home. Oooooh.

Come on people. Let's spend less money on pets and more on helping others. Do I hear an amen?


Amanda said…
amen sister!
email me, beacuse I don't have your # or email. I'll post me email, but not my # :)
be_a_Mary said…
YES. I completely agree. I'll be out front playing with the kids when folks walking their pets meander by. As their dogs sniff my children, jump and scare them, the owner comforts, "Oh, he's really friendly. You don't have to be scared." well gollie, can't i make that choice? get your dog off my children.

Hubby is VERY allergic to cats and dogs and I kid you not, it affects where we can eat, which friend's house we can go to, and determines vacation spots. Keep your dog out of the hotel. Keep your dog out of the restaurant. all too often date nights and vacations are ruined because of it.