Elimination of Two

There are two things that I am never buying again. Legos, and baseball cards. These are the two items that I pick up from the corners of every room, every day.

My kids love to have Legos, but are too young to assemble them alone. I, the one who hates putting together puzzles, gets stuck orchestrating the building of 200 piece boats, trucks, and rescue vehicles. Three days after they are complete, they fall apart, get thrown into a Lego catch-all bin, and are completely unrecognizable within seven days. To me this is complete waste of money. I vow to never spend another dollar of my money on Legos, the toy you can look at but not touch.

Baseball cards are cheap, clean, and no assembly is required…whew! When you step on them in bare feet, instead of leaving gaping, open sores, like Legos, they are smooth and painless. However, they pile up in every area of my house, get thrown in a plastic, zip-lock bag, never to be looked upon again. Although they generally run only $2.00 per package, they are a complete waste of money. I vow to never spend another dollar of my money on baseball cards.

Personally, I am saving my money for a Vespa scooter. My husband doesn’t think that I need one, or thinks that the minute I get one will land myself in a heap of road rash coupled with a visit to the ER. I beg to differ. A Vespa would be perfect for a grocery store visit, quick drive through the dairy, or trip to Target. A helmet would be a must. I think they are cute and I am a safe diver. I am going to ask Santa for a red Vespa this Christmas, but I an NOT sitting on his lap.

As far as the Legos and baseball cards, I wish that I could get back every dollar spent on those items from the last 5 years. Oooooh, I would have a significant wad of cash in my wallet - for at least the day.


Amanda said…
I bet you would have a better chance of getting a Vespa if you DID sit on Santa's lap!
Andy Brazelton said…
I think you should get the Vespa. It's an easy call.