Three Words to Avoid

If you do not love to exercise here are three words to avoid: mud, run, 5:00am. Okay so 5:00am isn't officially a word, but just the same it needs to be avoided.

On Saturday, I completed the six-mile Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I found myself on a team called, "Muddy Moms" by default. One of the members was unable to attend and I volunteered. For $45 dollars I could wake up at 4:30am, drive with some fun girls to San Diego, endure a freezing morning, get drenched by a fire hose on mile one, swim in muddy water, run up a one-mile hill with mud caked shoes, climb two walls which led to more muddy water, get sprayed with more water while climbing a very steep muddy hill, and come out smiling. Please refrain from any and all jealousy.

I will sign up again next year because I actually did have fun. I was able to hang out with really fun girls and chat for an uninterrupted seven hours. (We left at 5:00am and arrived home at noon, but the run was only an hour and 20 minutes.

All of my clothes and my shoes had to be thrown into the garbage. Even with my handy dandy high efficiency washer and dryer the clothes remained brown in hue. I had dirt in my ears and toenails and in many other nooks and crannies. Fun stuff, really.

Sign ups are in May. You have plenty of time to mark your calendar. Come on, it's fun! In case you are wondering, I have used the word fun five times. Okay so it wasn't fun like an amusement park, date with your husband, or week in Hawaii fun, but it was "feel like a kid again" fun. I'll stop now.


kru clan said…
I love that you did this. I did the one last June and thought it was the most fun I have ever had running a race!! I didn't know there was one in the I'm a bit jealous.
Sarah Markley said…
Okay, you can sign me up, literally. I have always wanted to do this but no one would ever do it with me.