Man Spray

My house wreaks of "man spray" which is much better than having it smell like a hamster's cage or feet. Recently we decided that since our big boy was participating in P.E. two days a week, complete with real uniforms, he needed some deodorant and, well, man spray to be sweet smelling and fresh for his teacher and those around him. Consideration is key.

The genesis of man spray was man soap. In a fatal lapse of consciousness I agreed to purchase an over priced bottle of Axe snake peel with desert minerals plus cactus oil shower gel. Let's just say it is a bottle of yellow soap with sand inside for optimum exfoliation.

My younger two have decided that they too need man spray and man soap even though they are at least eight years from having any pungent smells emit from their pits or other sweat areas and won't touch a P.E. uniform until the fifth grade however, when I buy for one, I must buy for all, regardless of the need. Hence, I also purchased four sets of baseball cards since my thirteen year old daughter is suddenly into collecting the cards but she opted out of the man spray purchase.

We are now the proud owners of four regular sized bottles of body spray and one trial sized bottle to be placed in the P.E. bag and three bottles of man soap. The other day I needed a vacuum cleaner hose to point toward the ceiling and suck up the cloud of man spray hovering in the boy's room. After hearing the "PSSSSTT" sound way more than necessary, I opened the door to find my two little ones and the two neighbor boys with shirts off and each child armed with their own personal can of spray. After choking from the hazardous air, I asked them what they were doing. They replied, "We are playing mans." I believe that this is much better than discovering them playing "ladies."

For now the man spray has restrictions. They are only to apply the scent before school, before a family outing, before church, and after their shower. Setting restrictions on body spray for my four and six year olds was something I never thought I would be doing, However, it could be worse...right? I'll be begging them to use man spray when they are thirteen, or at least one of them, the other boy is fastidious about cleanliness.


erin said…
This is hilarious and frightening at the same time. Is what I have to look forward to with boys?
jenni said…
hi linda- i just came across your blog and you are hilarious! katie and i both have blogs too. katie's is, and mine is, ...also, i lost your email and i wanted to see if you could speak at mops this spring. let me know :) your blog!