Merry Christmas from the Vujnov Clan!

Sunday Thoughts

Junk E-mail

Check List

Clap Clap!

Attitude of Gratitude

Sunday Thoughts

A Recent Conversation

Sub-Par Parent

I Love Skating

Christmas Cards

Sunday Thoughts

Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Say What?

Sunday Thoughts

1 Little Indian and his Pilgrim Cousin

Temperature Control

Not Guilty as Charged

God is Never in a Hurry

Skill Sharpening

Sunday Thoughts

The Heat is On

Consider it Pure Joy?

Running Reds

Down With High School

Sunday Thoughts

How May I Serve You?

Imperfect Friends

Let's be Honest

Return of the Pony

Sunday Thoughts

Happy Halloween



Forty Four Dollars and Five Hours

Easily Distracted

Sunday Thoughts

Dog's are Weird

Just Friends


Pain in the Elbow

Sunday Thoughts

Back to School?

Bad News-Bad Day-Bad Evening

Missing Teeth

Doubting the Power

Sunday Thoughts

Only Slightly Embarrassed

Frozen in Time

Choosing Battles

Tantilizing Tastebuds

Sunday Thoughts

A Few of my Favorite Things

The Once Over

The Brain Tickler

Me Meek?

Drawing Straws

Sunday Thoughts

Facebook vs. Blogging

A Worthwhile Boycott

I Have Noticed

Oh Those Boys

Sunday Thoughts

Could you Care Less?

Gas Pump Shoes

Non-Urgent Emergency

Deciding to be Different

Sunday Thoughts

My Last Back-to-School Post, I Promise

Breaking Habits

And so Begins Another Year