Cinnamon Sticks

In my daughter's 2nd period Bible class they are having a hot chocolate party. She informed me that she volunteered to bring whipped cream and cinnamon sticks. For the life of me I could not figure out what she meant by a cinnamon stick. I guess that I had candy cane brain and could not remove the image from my mind because I kept thinking of a candy that tasted like cinnamon. When my oldest son said, "Mom, you know, real cinnamon sticks" it finally clicked, and off I went to make the necessary purchase before today.

"How many cinnamon sticks do you need?" I questioned, after I had already purchased seven. I figured that another student was also bringing the sticks and did not assume that I had to purchase them for the entire class of 17. "Seventeen" she replied. "Oh gosh, I only bought seven."

When she sauntered into the kitchen she noticed the packages of cinnamon sticks sitting on the counter she asked, "Are these the cinnamon sticks you bought?" Although I figured it was obvious, I still answered, "yep." and then the following conversation continued:

"These are not the cinnamon sticks I wanted."
"What do you mean?"
"They don't look like this."
"But these are cinnamon sticks."
"These are not the ones that I was talking about. They look like straws and have stripes."
"Are they a candy?"
"I don't don't think so. They come in a round tin."
"What? Where do you get them?
"Anywhere, Target."
"They don't make cinnamon sticks that you eat."
"Yes they do, I have had them before."
"You have eaten a cinnamon stick?"
"Well, whatever they are I have had them before. Can I draw you a picture?"
(The conversation went on for much longer, but I spare you the lenghty details.)

The picture she drew looked like a thick straw with distinct stripes. I, at this point, was getting frustrated knowing that there is no such candy or anything cinnamon that looked like her picture. I asked if she maybe got her idea wrong and that she was thinking of candy sticks or candy canes. She insisted over and over again that they were not candy canes. They were tubes, and maybe dipped in chocolate. She could not remeber. I thought about those reception candy sticks but knew that she had never tried one. I continued to try and figure out what she was talking about - to no avail.

"Can you just take me to Target and I will show you?"
"Sure, after your Bible study group we will go."

My son was just as confused as I was and continued shaking his head. I knew that my mind would not get off of the cinnamon stick thing unless we solved the puzzle; until we drove to Target and she showed me the correct item.

On the way home from dropping her off at her Bible study group I continued thinking. At that moment my mobile phone rang. It was her.

"I know what they are called!"
"Pirouettes! I am eating one right now!"
"Those are COOKIES!"
"I know, but they would be good with hot chocolate."
"They have no cinnamon anwhere near them."
"I know, but they are sticks and on the package it looks like they are spinkled with cinnamon."
"You make me crazy."
"Sorry. Can you get them."

"Mom" my son said, "You HAVE to blog about that." Done.


Mel said…
Now, that would drive me nuts. Oh wait, I'm already nuts.
Once I ran across your blog, I can't stop reading it! It's the funniest thing EVER...or wait, I think it's because it reminds me of my life! Seriously...this sounds like a conversation I have with "which child of mine is holding the stick to drive mom insane today?" FUNNY STUFF! You should read my "can I go to Knott's on New Year's" conversation! Someone has to be insane and most days I think it's me!
Sarah Markley said…
I love that. I know that this will be me and Hope in about 8 years. Her too smart for me and me going nutso.
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