Why Does it Bother Me?

There are some things that I absolutely loved as a child, and now, since my child love them too, I don't understand why or how they could love them. It's really is dumb of me. Let me give you an example. My children all think that it would be great fun to climb on the roof. I don't have any idea what they think they would do once they got there, none the less, they discuss the adventure often. This bothers me. The roof is no place for a child and frankly I don't see how or why it would be so much fun. It is extremely dangerous and you can kill yourself if you fall. Now, I am sure that when I was a child I wanted to climb the roof too, so what is my problem?

Another example: My oldest boy wants me to buy a pomegranate every time I go to the store. "What is so great about pomegranates?" I question. "I love them! They are so good!" I never buy pomegranates at the grocery store since they are $3.00 a piece. I either borrow them from trees I pass while jogging, or hit up my neighbor, who I just discovered, has a pomegranate tree. Pomegranates are a lot of work with very little reward. I try to explain this to my 11 year old boy, but he just shakes his head.

I LOVED pomegranates when I was younger. My girlfriend and I would chew on the seeds for hours. What do I care if my son wants to eat pomegranates?

Third example: My kids love to crumple the paper off of the straw to form a "worm" and then drop a smidgen of water on top to watch it "un-curl." What a mess! There are typically drips of water everywhere, and mounds of soggy straw paper littered around the table. What gives? Restaurant entertainment?

I know that I did the "paper straw wrapper worm" trick when I was younger and thought that it was the coolest thing ever. So, why can't I enjoy the fact that my kids feel the same way? My only excuse is that I don't like the mess. I am just no fun to be around.

Lastly, My son has learned to "loosen" the muscle on his ring and middle finger so as to make them limp-like. He then snaps them in a downward motion, which causes them to hit each other and make a slapping sound. He walks around the house, grocery store, mall, anywhere, shaking his hand and slapping his fingers together. The two younger brothers are in awe of his great talent.

Boys I knew in grade school did this all the time and I thought nothing of it. Why now. I am constantly telling him to stop doing the finger thing. He just thinks my ears are too sensitive and that it shouldn't bother me. He's right! Boys love to make noise. That is what they do. Destroy things, and make noise. I need to get over being so bothered.


I know you don't know me but I ran across your blog, not sure how...must be some Saddleback connection. Anyway...THIS blog IS my life! I am TOO annoyed with all these things, but why? The finger slapping thing...OH MAN, it is ABOUT to send me OVER the edge, especially when he follows me through stores doing it! CRAZY! We steal pomegranates from Grandma's backyard in Garden Grove...hee hee!
Joanne said…
So TRUE! My first time by and I felt right at home. I have four chidlren too. My 13year old son LOVES pomegranates...why is that? I won't buy them either but we have friend who works in the produce department of a local store, he brought my son a case of them! Pomegranates don't last long, in case you are wondering.

Warmly, Joanne