Perfect Pandemonium

The event which occurred over the weekend was better than a trip to Disneyland. Like many young boys my two youngest are enamoured with firefighters. They have enough fire trucks and fire fighting equipment to start their very own fire house.

Our neighbor happens to be a fire fighter. Since he has been gone fighting fires in the local area, we have not seen much of him for a week. To our wonderful surprise, we were informed that his station and another local station would be coming to visit his family and take showers, have laundry done, eat, and rest. Although they were officially on "24 hour R and R" they could not go far from the fire site and his home happened to be close enough to the site to take a break.

The gigantic engines came roaring down our street right about noon. The children who were gathered in our yard ran down to greet them and ask questions. My boys were giddy with excitement. They had a field day climbing in, on, and around, the engines and talking with the visiting firefighters while shoving latex gloves on their tiny hands and pretending that they were the real firefighters. The bigger kids felt like they were among celebrities. My daughter snapped a few pictures and could not be pulled away from the excitement. We had back stage passes to the best concert in town.

I have never been so thrilled to do two loads of laundry. We willingly grabbed a laundry basket full of clothes and returned them fresh and clean. The firefighters were grateful, and we were grateful for their visit. They clamored down the street on exit, tooted the horn, and left, thanking us as they drove away.

Thankfully the fires are mostly contained. Many firefighters have returned to their homes unscathed, with stories to tell. We are very proud of the work they do for us. I hope that at least one of my children does become a fire fighter one day, although, the most willing prospect will have to wait about 15 years.


Sarah Markley said…
What a cool thing! Even if your kids weren't into firefighters, it still would be fun. I am sure they appreciated it (the firefighters) and what a neat way to do something practical as a thank you. Much better than baking cookies or something =)!