Is is 12:00?

I am having trouble understanding when the 12:00 hour strikes. My kindergartner gets out of school at noon. Does that mean that the bell rings at noon and they leave the classroom at that time? Does that mean that parents should be there right at noon to pick up their children? Does that mean that parents need to be arriving at 11:58 so that their child can see their smiling face at noon. I'm confused.

If I get into the pick-up line at 12:03 my child is the last one sitting on the curb ready to be picked up and there are no signs of any other cars. If I arrive at 12:00 I am the last one in line to pick up my child, but there are cars in front of me. If I arrive at 11:57, I can guarantee a third or fourth place in line. I do not like having to arrive early in order to feel on time. I feel guilty for getting there at 12:03 even though school gets out at noon. It's hard to believe that three minutes after the hour is considered late. I wonder if people are pointing and staring at me when I am the last one at pick-up, on the other hand I refuse to arrive at 11:50 so that I can be first in line. School gets out at noon.

This is my current dilemma. I could be worrying about world hunger, why there are three lights illuminated on my car's dash, or how I am going to fit into my jeans in the morning after bowls and bowls of chocolate chip ice cream every night, but no. For now I am consumed with wanting to arrive at 12:03 to pick up my child who finishes school at noon, without feeling guilty. This may take a while.


kru clan said…
amen. preach it lady!