Christmas in October

Since our church is a twenty minute drive from our home and the noise level in the car can reach ear piercing levels I suggested to each of the children that they create an early Christmas list. This came from on aftermath of a jog, where I saw men in a van situated near the gated entrance to a group of homes, assembling Christmas lights on the surrounding trees. I refuse to complain any more about the earliness of Christmas decorations and I am now embracing the idea. I bought an imitation tree last night and my whole house is decorated. Right! We still wait until the first weekend in December.

The lists were surprising and well unreachable in their requests. The four year old wants a BB gun and dirt bike, while the six year old wants a paint ball gun and seventy dollar Cardinals jersey with Matt Linert's number. I don't dare tell him that Matt Linert is on the bench for the rest of the season with a collar bone break or the fact that there is no way on God's green earth they are getting 2/3's of what is on their list. Disappointment is inevidable.

My girl wants a black Coach purse at the tune of $300.00 and a video i-Pod Nano. A girl can always hope. What happened to requesting stuffed animals and CD's?

My 11 year old boy wants a phone, i-Pod, and Razor scooter. No amount of convincing sways his brain into thinking that he most assuredly does NOT need a phone. (omg- as if!) A $30 Razor I can handle. Remember when the were $120.00

I bought myself three early Christmas presents. I purchased two identical down jackets from Costco, one brown and one black and a Tobi. (Note: picture at the beginning of post). I caught glimpse of an infomercial early Saturday morning and took the bait, which is absured, I have never taken the bait before. I talked them out of the $30 shipping charge and decided to splurge of a the unique, steam, wrinkle remover. We'll see how it works. I've given up on dragging out the iron every other day for unruly wrinkles. I have a hidden adgenda. I will teach my daughter how to use it and subject her to the daily wrinkle removal process - she loves gadgets - I hate wrinkles.


Jen Torok said…
let me kn ow how that goes--i could still get Olivia to iron--I hate wrinkles too!