Four Affordable?

Shopping with four children proves to be a challenge. Even though "four is the new three" I still get people who stare and lip the word, "wow." I "wow" at people who have 5 or 6 children, and sigh an, "I remember those days" at those who have two.

Today my oldest son was trying to find the right words needed to ask a question without offending anyone. "Mom, would we have more money...would it be it less money when you only have two children?" My reply was, "yes." He left it at that. I think he was a bit sad but I know that he would never change the fact that he is one of four children.

This question was prompted after I lectured on the fact that I was not deviating from my list of items needed from Target. It seems I buy more than necessary when children are in tow. The $.99 popcorn never puts me over the edge, but senseless toys do.

I only came home with only one bag of items and my husband almost fell off the couch. I still need to visit Smart and Final, the grocery store, and Costco. We run out of food items so quickly that we need to build a basement just to keep a plentiful stock of groceries.

My husband is in mourning since USC just lost to Oregon. Perhaps now is not the best time to tell him that I am off to spend more money. Maybe he won't notice if I sneak out quietly, but he is sure to notice when I return with a car full of bags. Perhaps I should wait until tomorrow.


Amy said…
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Amy said…
A little perspective for you: My grandfather was one of 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) children in Appalachian Kentucky. Coal miners. Dirt poor is an understatement. Actually, my great-grandfather was some sort of supervisor. One day later in his life, Grandad asked the eldest child (Zalpha was her name, and she was an itty bitty old woman by this time) why their parents had had so many children. After all, as a supervisor, they would have been practically wealthy if they had limited themselves to 5 or 6 chilren. Zalpha's giggled reply:
"Dad was a sex maniac." Hee hee.
Sarah Markley said…
Very funny about four being the new three! Way to go bringing only one bag from Target...what discipline!