Bethlehem Gulch

I just attended my ninth school Christmas program. I only have eight more to go. That will bring me to a total of 17 years of sheep costumes, shepherd's get ups, pajama outfits, animal attire, and holiday clothes they will never wear again.

Last night was the best performance we have seen in nine years. It was well organized, fun, and, I choked up three times when my kindergarten sheep square danced in the isles of the worship center. Tuition well spent.

My eleven year old son had a major part in the play that was ongoing throughout the program. He was a cowboy shepherd. He was a nervous wreck! At the last minute they decided to have him do a ten second solo. He was mortified. While his co-shepherd friends, girls, were ever-so-anxious to be in the solo spotlight, he was not.

He had toilet issues the entire evening prior to the performance, and we prayed for his nerves incessantly. At one point in the play he was supposed to scratch himself while he was talking. I told him that I would give him $5.00 if he, in front of hundreds of people, would scratch his breasts and armpits like a monkey. He is motivated by money, but not to the point of embarrassment. He said that he would not carry out the action. On the other hand, if I told my 14 year old daughter that I would give her $5.00 if she ran through the mall in her bathing suit, she would not hesitate.

As the show started, my son kept waving to someone, or so I thought. He was actually giving me the sign for five, as in $5.00. Sure enough, as his speaking part began he did in fact, scratch his breasts. My family could not stop laughing, and every one around us could not understand what was so funny. He sang his solo on key and did great, but I don't think he will be signing up for any performances in the near future.

Today the kids are out of school at noon and I can stop thinking about teacher gifts, aide gifts, gifts for the office staff, money for mistletoe mall, a birthday cake for Jesus, cookies for Jr, High, secret angel gifts, science projects, a gift for the security guard, Christmas program costumes, Teddy Grahams for ginger bread houses, candy for friends in class, Cinnamon sticks (see previous blog), and EVERYTHING else school related. I do not have to pack a lunch for the next two weeks, the kids can stay in their pajamas until dinner time, and anyone who wants to earn an extra $5.00 can run through the mall in their bathing suit, singing "Jingle Bells." I smell a new tradition brewing!


Sarah Markley said…
First of all, you would have to pay me more like $1000. Then, maybe... =)

Secondly, I don't know what I am going to do wit the SINGLE fuzzy, wuzzy, wooly sheep costume I now own. I DO know that someone, some day will be a sheep for Halloween.

I hope your little guy is feeling better!

And, I am thinking about staying in my pajamas until dinner! What luxury.
ayates said…
I would have to whole heartedly agree with you on the best program ever!!!! I only have 3 more years of programs though...just think how good it will be in 7 more years!

merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family....lots of love to you!