Let the Skull be your Guide

Mysterious powers? Need inspiration and encouragement? Psychic messages?
Why turn to God for hope, inspiration, and power when you can turn to "Max." Absurdly enough, I read in the newspaper today that "a crystal skull touted as an ancient South American artifact" will be visiting the population in Orange County. Yippee.

As if we need more freakish deterrents from worshiping the one true God. This skull weighs 18 pounds and is reported to be 5,000 years old. You too can view "Max" for a mere $35-$50. With this viewing you can possibly communicate using psychic powers. Goodie. Oh, and if you want to have a private session with an crystal skull of an ape, you can spend much more money, that you do not have, and still walk away unchanged. Thrilling.

I am saddened by the fact that people believe an ancient, crystal skull could do anything more than just sit and stare at them. This ape has the same effect as knocking on wood, carrying around a good luck charm, or avoiding the path of a black cat, which has no affect at all. God is the only true ruler of all things. Amen?

According the the article in the OC POST "Trying to explain Max is like trying to explain an emotion, It just is." Or, better yet, it just is NOT! I will not be visiting Max.


Amy said…
Does Max know my name? Does Max love me to my very core and know intimately every hair on my head (and elsewhere)? Would Max allow his physical self be destroyed for in my place, for my sins? Could Max possibly be resurrected? I think not. Max may be slightly interesting, to the tune of $35, but Jesus is my friend, my companion, my savior, and loves me in a way no crystal ever could!
Sarah Markley said…
I agree. I think I can find much better use for $35. Max is really weird. =)