Say What?

Slogan shirts, hat, and sweatshirts are very popular. People have a need for others to know how they stand on issues, what appeals to them, and in some cases, the food that they prefer. I am not that concerned with making sure that every human being that I come in contact with, knows that "I [heart] NY," or want to shout to those around me, "Careful or you'll end up in my book." (That is actually true, but not public knowledge). More appropriately would be, "Watch it our I'll blog/Tweet about you." Consider yourself warned.

Although I have only purchased one slogan shirt in my mid-life, as a teenager, my drawers would have been stuffed with slogan shirts. My only slogan shirt has a picture of a rock and a ruler. The rock is saying, "you rule" and the ruler is saying, "you rock." I like to be encouraging.

One of my son's favorite shirts states, "Save the Humans" with a big picture of a blue whale. He also loves his, "Future Rock Star" shirt, although, after trying the clarinet for exactly one school year has deemed playing an instrument "not his gift."

My daughter had so many shirts that I really cannot even remember one. Okay, maybe one. She is partial to her "Crazy like a fox" slogan shirt which is exactly opposite of her personality. She would never be considered for the "Craziest People" photo in her high school yearbook. Crazy to her is painting her fingernails black - watch out.

While I enjoy reading people's t-shirts, and have chuckled now and again at certain slogans, I have only one rule: You are never allowed to wear a slogan t-shirt with a slogan hat, there is simply too much to read. I'm impatient like that. Plus, having to read that much information on a person's body would teeter on staring like a stalker, and a stalker, I am not.

What is the best slogan t-shirt that you have seen?


Mandy Taylor said…
A shirt made by Fossil: a drawing of a potato with the phrase "drop it like it's hot" under it. I actually thought it was pretty genius!
Kim said…
some squirrels sitting around a campfire roasting says "it's all fun and games till someone loses a nut"...would never wear it, but it's funny! =)
I made a set of 3 onsies for a friend's new baby: iPee, iPoo, iPuke.

Other than that, my husband has one that says "So what's the speed of dark?"
The Hydes said…
"I'll have a cafe-mocha,vodka-valium latte please..." I don't own it, but when my girlfriends and I are having a bad day it is our new catch phrase. We all homeschool and somedays I think I need a double shot of that. ;-)

My husband wants to add his two cents.
"Stop, drop and roll - doesn't work in Hell" and
"Running will only make you tired - when you go to jail" (Worn by a cop friend.)