Breaking Habits

Breaking habits requires change and change is often difficult. I consider myself someone who welcomes change unless the work is too difficult. At that point change becomes a mountain, planted in the middle of a smooth, flat road.

Our family has been in the habit of eating breakfast at noon, lunch at 3:00 and dinner at 7. The alarm clock is never set to ring, and the schedule fluctuates from day to day and shorts without shirts are typically worn.

We have begun the habit of waking early and exiting the house before 8:00 a.m. We have begun the process of stacking sliced turkey on top of white bread and stacking BBQ flavored chips in Ziploc bags. We have begun the process of mulling over pages of information and signing forms needing to be returned the following day. We have begun consistent bath times and shutting down the house before nine.

We have begun the habit of retuning to a routine.

Routine is good. Constancy brings comfort.

If only the boys could wear shorts without shirts to school and the bell rang at noon, we would all be, well, more comfortable.