I just finished watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on television. I love the Charlie Brown specials. I love them with all of my heart. Yes, I would marry them if I could, and ask my husbands permission.

I grew up with a special place in my heart carved out for Snoopy. I loved to draw him with art pencils on my sketch pad when I was younger. I would make up my own cartoons using Snoopy and the other members of the cast from the Charlie Brown cartoons.

On Sunday mornings I would read the Peanuts comic and make imprints of Snoopy onto my Silly Putty.

Of course I had a Peanuts lunch pail, and matching thermos with a picture of Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang on the sides. The red lid was also a cup and held the iced tea that my mother would packed inside the thermos.

For 8th grade graduation, I received a 12 inch tall Snoopy plush and stuck inside his red plastic collar was a fifty dollar bill. I loved the money, but loved the Snoopy slightly more. In my graduation photos I am hold the Snoopy dog.

To this day I still have a leather purse that was purchased at a local swap meet. The front flap of the purse has a picture of Snoopy that is painted white and black. He's very cute.

I currently own a lunch pail with Joe Cool on the front and admittedly smile when I see Snoopy on television, in the newspaper, or in magazines. I wish that I could have him for a pet.

I noticed even more, tonight how mean Lucy is. People complain about Squidward on Sponge Bob, but Lucy was also very terrible. Charlie Brown was excited because he received an invitation to a Halloween party. Lucy told him that it was mistake and that her really wasn't invited. She went on to tell him that There were two lists, one was all the people to invite, and the other was all the people not to invite and that he was on the second list. He face got read and sad. She's terrible. I am putting an "X" over her face on my lunch pail.

It is obvious. Lucy needs Jesus, and so does Squidward.


Love Blossoms said…
lol yes, Lucy needs Jesus!

I also have loved Snoopy my whole life. I am 47. Joe Cool, man! And I love it when Snoopy and Woodstock dance.