You can tell a lot about a person by the stickers they have placed on their cars. My car is sticker-free by choice. I'm afraid that if I purchase a fish, NOTW, or cross sticker for my back window, people may question my dedication if they drive past and see me shouting at my children or cutting someone off when I have missed my exit. I admire people who cover their cars with stickers. They don't care what people think. Sometimes I care too much.

I see one sticker all over town that states, "COEXIST." I have no clue what those drivers are tying to convince the rest of us to do. I'm slow that way.

I HATE, with all capital letters, the peeing kid stickers. To me they are repulsive and stupid. I'm sure those people wouldn't pee on a FORD if one was given to them, for free.

Mid-twenty something's love stickers. They love to advertise for companies with whom they are passionate. They are still caught up in the "everyone will know my opinion whether they want to or not" way of thinking. I don't, care that is, about their opinion.

If I had to advertise something with a sticker if would have to be Ralph's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream which happens to be my favorite ice cream in the world. Ralph's Grocery doesn't have bumper stickers for their ice cream, hence, my car is still sticker-free.

One of the most brash stickers I have seen said, "Single and Beautiful." I looked everywhere for the beautiful person who drove the car which was parked next to mine and couldn't find anyone. I'll bet they are single because they are too beautiful.

So, for now, no advertisements, no "my kid is a this or that," no praying girl, no college support, nothing, just a plain, old car, that needs to be washed, and also needs a set of brakes.


Anonymous said…
Amen!!! My sentiments exactly!! [:-) I choose not to advertise for anyone who isn't paying me. Not on kids' clothes, not on my clothes, not on my car, not on anything.
Great post.
Rachel in Idaho
Denise said…
seriously until today i have NOT had a sticker on my car.
but friends of ours visited nova scotia and brought back one of those stickers that state where you live.
so cal people have them plastered on their windows. they're oval and white with black letters. mine has a big NS and nova scotia typed below.
and just today we placed it on our van. no we do not actually live in nova scotia, BUT we live in the boonies, far away from anyone and everyone. we refer to it as "nova scotiia" and so it's funny!

however my favorite bumper sticker says this "do not meddle in the affairs of dragons because you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

it's true. i try to leave dragons alone.