I Have Noticed

When I am driving 65 m.p.h. on the freeway people whiz past me as if I am pedaling a bike.

When I'm in the front row of a red light and the light turns green, I only have one second to begin moving before someone honks their horn at me.

When the children in your car are asking too many non-sensical questions, turning the CD up to drown out their voices is a great technique. Although, they will just yell at you to turn down the music.

French fries at room temperature taste horrible, even when dipped in ketchup.

If I intentions of waking at 6:45, my youngest child will crawl in bed with me at 6, begin snoring, and then force me out of bed earlier than I had planned.

If I kill one fly, eight more enter my home.

Too much lemon on veggies, does not make the veggies taste any better.

Popcorn makes for a great dinner for a teenage girl suffering and crying from, "I hate school right now" syndrome.

Coffee tastes better when used to wash down a slice of cinnamon-topped snack cake.

My thirteen year old car that recently received a new battery and has all turn signals working, now has squeaking brakes.

When I purchase a shirt for nine dollars, it will begin to fall apart within days.

My teenage boy thinks it is hysterical when he puts on my shoes and walks around in his p.e. uniform and black pumps.

There is nothing funny about someone else using the last of the whipped cream.

They should institute "bring you dog to work" day. (Linda Crow?)

No matter how often I brush and floss, okay, brush, the destist will find something wrong with my teeth.

I would rather eat breakfast for dinner than dinner for breakfast.

What have you noticed?


Denise said…
popcorn is very therapeutic. and can help cure a lot of "i hates."
i have a long list of things popcorn has cured for me.

and SERIOUSLY what is with so cal drivers and the impatience at stop lights.