Oh Those Boys

My two younger boys and the two neighbor boys had quite the agenda the other day.
An hour after they woke up they started off on their bikes, riding up and down the sidewalk between our two houses, jumping off of ramps, falling, laughing, and leaving long, black, skid marks on the driveways.

After littering the front lawn with piles of bikes, they ran to retrieve their Nerf guns. They then grabbed empty aluminum cans from the recycle bin and lined them up in a tight row along the short brick wall which divides our driveway from the next door neighbor’s yard. Armed with their guns, sharp shooter-like, they preceded to annihilate the cans one by one.

When sharp shooting became boring the four boys grabbed shovels, rain boots, and a garden hose, and journeyed to the back yard. Evidently holes needed to be dug, and some dry dirt was waiting patiently for their arrival.

The digging lasted for a while and they asked on occasion, if they could reach China if they kept digging. I let them know that although people often say; “I dug all the way to China” it was impossible. They were a bit discouraged, but kept digging. After they hole was a sufficient depth, they filled it with water and made other pools of mud in the radius surrounding them, hence the rain boots were necessary.
Shortly after they had muddied up themselves and the dirt, they decided to pet our dog leaving mud stripes along her black coat of fur.

Next they arrived at the back door of our house, and began yelling for me, aware that if they attempted to enter the house in their present condition, I would not be full of joy. When I asked what they needed, they told me that they wanted to pee in the hole that they dug. After a resounding “no” from me, they continued to berate me with the question, “Why?”

I had no real excuse for their question other than it was gross and disgusting. Then they asked if instead they could pee into an empty plastic bottle. Again, I told them “no.” Discouraged, they asked for a snack.

I feed the four boys strawberries topped with whipped cream ignoring their mud coated hands assuming that the use of the fork to eat would keep the mud from touching their food.

After their snack they washed off their boots and gave the dog a bath as per my request. After finishing their task, they resorted to running through the sprinklers in the front yard and playing on our Slip and Slide for the next hour.

Oh those boys.


Cassie said…
Lol, I thought this was very amusing, especially when they asked to pee in the mud watered whole they dug, then a bottle.

That must have been a very...interesting...day for you.