Only Slightly Embarrassed

I am only slightly embarrassed that I caught myself twice, entering the bathroom only to discover that I have had my zipper in the down position since the last time I visited the bathroom.

If only adults were as honest as small children and felt free to point out the obvious infractions of their friends and co-workers to avoid unsightly embarrassment.

That list would include food items lodged in teeth, zippers undone, leaves and others items from nature stuck in hair doos, shirt labels sticking out of garments, unsightly items stuck to shoe bottoms, smeared or smudged make up, lengthy black facial hair that seemingly appears overnight, and ill-fitting clothes(which includes, but is not limited to exposed undies).

Children are quick to point out the faux pas that need fixing. Adults are timid.

How many noticed my zipper problem and ignored informing me? The answer to this question remains to be unknown unless I want to send and e-mail to the entire staff.

Next time I visit the restroom, I need to double check my zipper, unless of course I am wearing a dress. Then, I would need a second grader with great hootspa for honesty to give me a once over prior to my exiting the restroom, ready and willing to point out any and all irregularities in my appearence. Obviously, I am capable of only tending to those that require immediate fixing.

The varicose veins would need to be dealt with at a later date.


Booklover1212 said…
I can't say I've done that...but I HAVE left the price tags on clothing and oh, those stupid plastic strips on the front of the Old Navy clothes. Many times I've gone out into public displaying the size I'm wearing for the whole world to see....sigh!

~ Jennifer
Denise said…
i would tell you. i would tell you and it would be awkward, for you and for me. and then after i told you, i'd say "now you have to promise to tell me when i leave my zipper down"...
or when my skirt is tucked into my undies after i leave the restroom, which is what happened to me last month at a grocery store.
katy said…
I promise I did not see you at work with your zipper down. I totally would have told you! You zip around to fast for anyone to notice! :)