Temperature Control

In the morning I am so cold when I drive my kids to school that I want to scream. The heater finally kicks into gear about half way there and then, everyone is yelling at me because the car feels stuffy. I should just tell them to walk, in the cold, and leave the temperature regulation to me.

When I say cold, I am referring to a person who was born and raised in southern California and has very little tolerance for the cold, however, my house was 65 degrees this morning, that is cold.

By lunch time, I am turning on the air conditioner in my car to cool it down. I am typically wearing a sweater and pants because of the temperature when I left my house.

My office still remains cold so I bring a blanket, but then when I leave to office to go home, the air conditioner in my car is turned off, and the heater is turned on again.

Does anyone else have temperature control issues with the current season, or is it just me?