A Few of my Favorite Things

1. Peanut Butter M&M's
2. cinnamon rolls with no raisins
3. breakfast for dinner
4. knee socks
5. Converse sneakers
6. Trident Splash Gum-Summer Spearmint
7. hair highlights
8. puppy's breath
9. Snoopy
10. Mighty Bee cartoon
11. black coffee in the afternoon
12. Kings in the Corner card game
13. Feeling appreciated
14. Lotion from Bath and Body
15. Chips and salsa
16. Hand written greeting cards
17. God's provision
18. writing
19. speaking to women
20. the smell of the inside of a new magazine

What are some of your favorite things?


2Thinks said…
Knee socks, feeling appreciated, God's provision- I'm with you on these three for sure.

Puppy's breath? Really? I wouldn't know, but I'd love to have a puppy.
Mandy Taylor said…
You know how to play Kings in the Corner?! I LOVE that game!