Sub-Par Parent

So, I have blown it not once but twice. Not twice in one month, but twice in one week, and twice in two days, if I am being completely honest, which I am.

My parent badge was removed today. I am officially on detention until tomorrow.

Mistake number one:
A few weeks ago we were notified, via my mother having a conversation with the second grade teacher, that our 2nd grader was going to get an award in chapel. Wednesday came around, chapel day, and I realized that because of a staff Christmas party, I would not be able to attend chapel, and whistle like a trucker when my son got his award. I solicited help from my mother who was happy to attend chapel, sit with our boy, and clap more loudly than any parent in attendance.

I never told my husband about the chapel happenings because when I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was going to L.A. and I knew that he would not be available.

Our son received the "Peace" character award. Awesome. My husband wondered why I never told him to attend chapel. I told him that since my mom was going, and he wasn't going to be close, it was fine. It was not. My mom said that our son ran up on stage, and she teared up. We should have been there.

Mistake number two:
Our oldest boy just finished the flag football season at school. He played quarterback and although they lost more games than they won, he had a great experience. The awards assembly was today, at 2:15. After asking our son numerous times if he wanted us to attend, he said "no" and insisted that all of the awards would be given to the 8th graders since this is their last year. "Are you sure you don't think that we need to be there?" we questioned more than once. "I'm sure."

We were fairly confident that we really didn't need to be there especially since the coach himself said that it was going to be low key and no awards would be given, however, he told us that two weeks ago. Evidently his plans changed.

We should have been there. Not only did our son get an award, but he got the MVP award. How did I find out? My girlfriend texted my from the assembly to tell me all of the nice things that were said. Our boy had no family representation. None. There was no one to whistle like a trucker or "whoo hoo" like a construction worker. He was all alone.

My husband and I felt terrible, beyond terrible, especially since both of us could have made plans to attend.

I am a sub-par parent only for the time being. I made up for my lack of support by cooking three different dinners the boys love, bacon and eggs, chili, and pasta with peas and bacon. That should at least count for something.

I will not miss the next awards assembly.
I will not miss the next awards assembly.
I will not miss the next awards assembly.


Mel said…
Been there. Done that. Lost my Parent Badge, too.