Dog's are Weird

I am convinced that dogs do not like to be clean. I am also convinced that they could not care less if they smell like car oil, smashed possum, or wet wool sweaters. I find this hard to believe since they have such sensitive nostrils.

Our dog Cali decided to wheedle her way under the outdoor grill the other day while we were grilling some chicken. As the juice from the chicken dripped into the bottom of the grill, the drippings then escaped to the cement below the grill. As she was licking the chicken flavored cement, the grill continued to drip on the back side of her neck and collar. This made for a disgusting combination of black dog fur and grease.

This wonderful incident occurred only 24 hours following her last bath. We once again soaked her neck in suds, however, if left to her own, she would have been perfectly happy wandering the grassy area behind our house smelling like grilled chicken and having her shiny black fur clump into oily masses.

Cali's soaked collar has been removed, and two baths later, she is once again smelling like Oatmeal Vanilla Dog Shampoo. Her coat is so shiny it resembles patent leather shoes and her fur is not matted down with oil.

Her collar was left sitting on the table, soaked in chicken drippings from her latest escapade. I never quite got around to washing it. When I came home from work, her collar had been chewed to oblivion. Evidently the chicken smell was too irresistible. Gross. Dog's are weird.


I am laughing again! I love your blog ( :
thank you for the sunday scripture. what a treat to read what you write !!