Could you Care Less?

My husband has a habit of saying, when he cares very little about something, "I could care less." Being an editor and writer I am anxious to inform him that his statement is incorrect and he should say, "I couldn't care less." He gives me a funny stare, as if the proper grammar is any bit important. He knows that I understand his lack of concern whether he says the statement correctly or not.

To help clarify I have located a "the caring continuum." He gets it now. Thankfully I won't have to subject his speech to anymore correction, that is, until he ends a sentence with a preposition...eeww! Actually he knows better.


The Blythe Blog said…
I need you to know that this has been a pet peeve of mine FOREVER! I love the diagram. I am constantly annoyed by people who say "I could care less". And I always respond to them..."then do it"! Maybe it's the teacher in me, or the control freak, but it just kills me. Thanks for helping me to see I'm not the only one!