Let's be Honest

I try not to text while I am driving, but sometimes it just happens.

I love to listen to Christian radio with preaching, on my way to work. I need a lot of help. What can I say?

My son's feet smell repulsive, but I never tell him. I just light candles in his room and tell him the aroma therapy is great help for homework.

I just gave my middle mister a haircut and he is telling everyone that I used to cut hair for a living. I don't correct him.

I don't like to listen to Christmas music until one week before Christmas.

Thanksgiving dinner is not my favorite.

I'm not a fan of chocolate cake.

I pull down decorations from any given holiday, the night of the holiday.

I used to be a chronic interrupter. I'm getting better. I'm still not great.

Spiders, worms, crickets, and any other insect variety, besides cockroaches, don't bother/scare me.

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do. I have passed on this gene to my six year old boy.

I have not pasted a photo in any book in ten years, and rarely take pictures of my children now. That's bad.

I do to much for my kids.