My Last Back-to-School Post, I Promise

I have a tradition of placing a note in each of our children's lunch on the first day of school to encourage them in the middle of the day. It is just a simple sticky note with some simple words to let them know that I am thinking about them and love them.

This year was no different. After making lunches for four children I carefully filled out four sticky notes and placed them on top of the bag where their sandwich was located. "Have a great first day, I love you!" is typically what I write, and for the kindergartner who can't yet read, "I [heart] U Carson."

I will often do this during the year too, as a way to encourage them when they least expect it and to find something funny to say that will make them laugh before eating their lunch. I love making that connection with them when they are at school and I am at work. We rarely talk about the note when they return home from school, but I know that they enjoy receiving them and I enjoy encouraging them.

This year when my daughter came home from school she said. "I got your note." I was glad that she noticed. "Can you do me a favor mom? Can you put a scripture verse in my lunch every day instead of a note?" I about died when my daughter requested this.

"I would LOVE to put a scripture verse in your lunch Maddy."

For two weeks I have been finding scripture that I think would benefit Maddy throughout her day. Not only has it helped her, but I have been encouraged by writing the verses down and thinking through them, and asking God to help me apply them to my life.

I encourage you to send notes with your kids. If they are too old for school lunches, send a card. No one I know gets tired of being encouraged by loving words or through scripture.


Denise said…
can you place scripture in my lunch too?

what a sweet girl. oh how i hope i am asked the same question some day! what a blessing to KNOW she WANTS Jesus!