Frozen in Time

Our wedding cake was perfect; white cake with white butter cream frosting, moist and delicious, from what I can recall. It has been 18 years since I took a bite of our wedding cake, and many a cake has passed though my lips in those years.

I would love to know who started the tradition of saving a slice of wedding cake and freezing it until the first anniversary of wedded bliss. What are you supposed to do with the frozen slice of what was, and now isn’t? Are couples really supposed to thaw out the cake and eat it one year later? Could it even taste good?

As you can gather from all of my questions, my husband and I never indulged in our one year old cake slice. Why? I’m glad you asked. After my mother so diligently wrapped a slice, placed it in her car with all of wedding gifts and placed it in her freezer when she arrived home, the least we could do would be eat the cake on our one year anniversary. This was my exact thought. However, when our one year anniversary arrived on June 1, 1992, I pulled the frozen slice from the freezer and set it on the counter of our small condominium. When my husband saw the meager slice sitting all alone, he insisted that it would be terrible to eat the cake and that we must return it to the freezer and save it-forever.

This comes from the man who is a quantifiable pack rat, but has been broken by his exorcise-all-clutter wife. Me.

Today the frozen slice of cake still remains in my freezer. It is in shambles, uneatable, and crumbling from age, locked inside a zip-lock baggie. Each time I see it I shake my head and stare at the trash can sitting inches from my feet, and then I picture my husband walking up to me one day, asking about the slice of cake. I don’t have the heart to disappoint, this time.

For how many years will I open the freezer and notice the cake? For how many years will the cake remind me that I married my best friend? For how many years will the frozen cake remind me that God has blessed my husband and me with an amazing marriage? Many, and for that I am grateful


ayates said…
excellant post linda!!!! I love it! I have to say that we saved the top our wedding cake and my mother wrapped it ever so carefully and we did he it on our 1 yr. anniversary...we took it with us to Del Mar where we stayed for the weekend in the double tree hotel. we did eat it. what a great memory that I am thinking about today thanks to you. I love that Greg wanted to save your cake. I think that when you have your 50th anniversary you should have it put in a case for all of us to see at your anniversary party. ;-)
Denise said…
that is just really sweet... and a bit disgusting when i think about what your cake must taste/look like now.

we saved and ate the cake. it was awful. should have taken the cake with us to the honeymoon sweet. we could have had our cake and ate it too!

cute story!