Gas Pump Shoes

I am having trouble with my teenager. She is in the habit of having me purchase clothing items for her and wearing them for a few weeks and then proceeding to throw them in a drawer, never to be worn again. She has no excuses for her waning interest and shrugs her shoulders when pushed for reasons why super cool clothes that she cannot wait to wear, turn into drawer dwellers.

Recently she used her own money to purchase a pair of red Mary Jane style shoes. I was surprised by her purchase, but happy that she was planning on wearing something other than her TOMS shoes which are worn every day. Shoes are the exception to her style fickleness.

One day after she had worn the red shoes to school, she climbed into the back of my car and began chatting about her day. I was distracted by a strong smell of gasoline and was curious to know why the aroma was so sudden. Immediately, I assumed that something was leaking from my car and asked my daughter if she was aware of the smell. She was not. I then asked my son, who was sitting in the front seat of my car, if he could smell gasoline. He could.

I desperately tried to locate the leak and discover its whereabouts. Since I was acutely aware of the smell after my daughter entered the car and didn’t notice it prior to that, I discerned that the smell must be coming from her. Did she walk too many cars with idle engines? Were they experimenting with the visual affects of gasoline on black construction paper in art class? Did the biology lesson entail the mixing of petroleum and purified water?

Since I like to solve clues, I continued my sniffing while asking questions. “Take off your shoe and hand it to me.” I instructed my daughter. “Why?” she asked. “I need to smell it.” She was a bit confused, but followed my directions.

As I lifted the bottom of the shoe to my nose it was apparent that the gasoline smell was coming from her shoes. Once I had told her, and my son confirmed the location of the scent, we never saw the red shoes again.

Not only did she stop wearing the shoes because I discovered that the smelled like gasoline, she also stopped wearing them because it had been two weeks, the length of time that newly purchased items become instantly old.

Does anyone want some red Mary Jane shoes that smell like gasoline? They’re a size 8.


Lisa said…
hey! what's wrong with wearing TOMS shoes everyday? i give her props for that! most young kids don't even know about causes bigger then themselves!