How May I Serve You?

Today I helped a couple celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Forty years. I really didn't know them very well, I mainly went for the cake. It was chocolate with strawberry mousse filling. Although the slice I was give was meager in my opinion, I suffered through it. When I starred at the reaming slices that were sitting without being eaten, no one got the hint that I needed another slice, so I left. I was too embarrassed to grab another slice while holding an empty plate in my hand, but if someone offered, I would have told them I that I would save it for later, and then gone back to my desk to scoff it down.

I really love cake, and this was expensive cake, from a bakery.

Forty years of marriage. I thought 18 was a lot. I suppose it is, compared to 3.

Obviously these two people are best friends. They get each other. They tease each other, and they love each other. They serve at our church because they love the Lord and share the passion for helping other people. That's awesome. The are full-time volunteers. Crazy.

My husband and I used to serve in high school ministry together, for 12 years. I miss serving with him. There is a special bond that takes place when you are able to do volunteer work with your husband and family while helping God's people.

We were created to serve others. When we are not serving others, we miss out the opportunity to be blessed by God. However, any mother knows, that if you have preschoolers or school age children, you are serving them all of the time, and that is where God needs you most to serve, within your family.

My husband and I need to start serving again. We need to set an example to our children, that serving in Biblical. Our family needs to be serving together.

That is something I need to put on my to-do list:

Go serve.


Karen said…
Can't remember how I found your blog in the past couple days -- surfing through someone else's I guess! I like this post. It's something that's been on my mind and heart of late. We used to volunteer together a lot, mostly through Boy Scouts. After it was done, we needed a break, but now we're ready to jump back in.
Anonymous said…
Good idea!