Back to School?

I have found myself lately with the desire to return to college. Perhaps that is because I have been helping my kids with their vocabulary words and thinking in my head, "I like words, words are fun. Learning is fun."

My desire could be from skimming through my daughter's Biology book and thinking, "This seems pretty easy, I could do this. She has easy homework. I could get all A's if I were a sophomore in high school."

Maybe I have gotten the idea in my head because I work at a church where many of the employees are in seminary, or getting their master's degree. Many times, when I meet someone new tell me what classes they are taking. I want to be taking classes, I think to myself.

Recently I have inquired about getting a master's degree in communications. I like communicating, so it seems like a logistical fit. Since I have a degree in art that I never used, and received a teaching credential which I still keep active but never use, communications seems to make sense. I could see myself saying, "Oh yea, just thinking through my project for my Ethical Problems in Mass Media class" to people who stopped by my desk to say "Hi." It has a nice ring to it.

When I told my very young friend that is almost finished with her master's degree in communications that I was considering going back to school, she suggested that with 4 kids, it would be very difficult to do. She told me that the work load would send me to a padded cell. My competitive spirit flared when I heard this and made me want to inquire even more.

School takes time and costs money so I am still in the "thinking through" stage. What sounds fun now, may not end up being so fun, so I will have to do some more research. Perhaps I am so tired of doing homework with others, that I would rather be doing homework for myself. Maybe once I got to college and discovered that I was the oldest in the class by a couple of decades, it wouldn't be so fun.

Maybe I just need a vacation and going to school sounds like a vacation. Maybe I just need to get some sleep. My brain hurts and is unable to think clearly.


I dream at least every month of going back to college. I always have a huge stack of books and 2 children in tow. I'm always trying to find a place to leave my kids.

I, too, have 4 children and write. Maybe when my kids are through college, I will go also.