Monday, June 30, 2008

Beef Stew

We have been dog-sitting my mother's dog for the past week. Since our dog died in November, our home has been dog-hair-free for seven months. I miss our dog terribly, yet I do not miss the shedding, or the poop piles littering our grass out back. We now have both.

Because I have enjoyed not having to wrap my children each day with a roll of masking tape before they exit the house to remove all of the pet hair stuck on to their clothes, I have informed everyone in the family that the next dog we get will either be hairless, or have genuine hair, as opposed to fur. We'll have to find some poodle mix that is actually cute.

My daughter has adopted the chore of feeding the dog in the morning when she wakes up. Of course, I have poop duty. She gets mad when I feed him. I believe it is because he seems so appreciative. The other day she announced as she plucked a can of food from the plastic bag, "Beef Stew!"

The wet food had chunks of delicious looking beef, peas, corn, and was smothered in a rich gravy. As she poured the contents into the dog's dish she commented, "If I didn't know any better..." I knew where she was going. "You would eat the dog food?" She smiled and finished her sentence, "It just looks so real."

Embarrassing as it is, I believe that the can of dog food looks better than some of the meals I have concocted over the years. My daughter has never approached our dinner table with such zeal.

Perhaps I should serve everyone "Beef Stew" tonight for dinner. I wonder if they would ever know that they were eating - dog food.

No, I would never do that, really.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Incessant Yawning

I don't have narcolepsy. That would be terrible. My children and husband would have to step over me as I suddenly fell into a deep sleep where ever I happened to land my 5 foot 10 body. It would be ugly. I would never get anything done. Ever. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't yawn so much because I would be asleep.

I cannot stop yawning. I am not tired, I just can't stop yawning. I appear to be bored with what ever task I am involved with, but I am not. Isn't that typically what yawing indicates, sleepiness and boredom?

I yawn through my son's baseball game even if they are ahead in the score, in the car on the way to church, during church [oops], at the dinner table, writing blog posts, and while I am taking a shower. Do I need more oxygen? I need something!

Today seems better. Maybe I got more sleep last night than I did the night before. My yawn count seems more manageable. I just hope I don't start sneezing. Incessant sneezing would be terrible.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Craft Time

Don't be scared. This is only a suggestion, I repeat, only a suggestion.

Do you need a road trip boredom buster? Consider this:
Cookie Magazine reported that helping your child construct a Fruit Loop or Fruity Cheerios necklace using dental floss as string makes for a better traveling partner in the car. The construction of the necklace keeps their hands busy and the munching of the necklace keeps their mouths busy. You can use a pie tin to corral the cereal and string.

I think teenage girls would love this too. It is just another thing for their hands to do besides text messaging.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm curious about the obsession with skulls. They come in all shapes and sizes, are dressed, naked, wearing bows, have flame hair, scary, friendly, bloody, and cover the gamut of expressions.

When I was growing up the only skulls we saw were on bottles of poison. A skull and cross bones represented danger. Halloween was also a time when skulls were apparent. They put the scare in scary and often dangled from the door jam of homes or sat still on the porches.

Skulls are not just for Halloween or poison anymore. They are on decals, clothing, hats, shoes, beach towels, and coffee mugs. Next they will shaped into fun flavored fruit snacks or introduced as a first food for babies.

I am not a fan of skulls. My children do not wear skulls. Everyone has their own opinion about skulls. I am also not a fan of raw tomatoes, avocado, and mayonnaise, in case you were wondering.

According to Wikipedia, they area more likely a symbol for death and evil. However, in some countries they represent life or neoteny (that is a big scientific word).

Death is not a frightening thing for me - my destiny is heaven. However, we'll stick to beach towels with stripes, baseball hats, and plain shirts and shoes, and save the skulls for the bottles of poison and dusty graves.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seeing Purple

Even though I do not vote myself, "most fashion forward" I do know some things in regards to a wardrobe and shoes, I do love shoes. I'm sure that Clinton Kelly may throw up a little in his mouth if he had a gander at some of the things in my closet - I try, really I do.

In light of this information I do know this: When you are walking your dog down the street, you must never - yes never, wear a purple hat, purple eye shadow, a purple shirt matched with purple carpi's, and on your feet don purple socks with purple Crocs style shoes lined with purple colored fur. Where are those fashion police when you need them most? Actually, you may only wear that outfit when you are painting your house - purple.

I think that the women liked purple. I'm not sure about the dog. He was probably embarrassed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now Hiring

'Tis the season for young high school and college students to find summer jobs. I know this because I have seen them waiting for the manager to conduct their interviews, filling out applications at the mall, and sauntering about, with applications in hand.

I remember when filling in the blank spots on an application was simple. Typically I used a ball point pen, and white out covered any known mistakes. Now days, for adult jobs, you need a masters degree, and the computer savvy skills of a "Geek Squad" employee in order to complete the application process. Everything, in the professional realm, is done on the computer.

I have been a little surprised to see the attire teen gals are sporting when asking for an application or waiting for an interview. It appears that cleavage is a must, and low waisted pants exposing the tip-o-the-crack is normal. One girl I noticed had on flip flops, jeans that were too short, and a t-shirt that read, "Love makes the world a better place." Hmmm. How about a shirt which reads, "Dressing appropriately for a job interview makes for a better chance at a job" Okay, that is on the wordy side, but you get the picture.

My best guess for the under-dressing of teens would either be that they don't know any better, or they don't care. Perhaps there should be class in high school titled, "How to dress appropriately for a job interview" in addition to the wood shop and ceramics choices.

[buckle up for a bad segue]

I took wood shop. There were cute guys, and I needed the credits. I made a box, out of wood.

[now, back to the subject]

If there are any teenagers out in blogland who need help putting together a good interview outfit, text me, because... i cn help u! ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden of Eden

A tree hugger I am not. A "Save the planet" person? I do my fair share to avoid littering, picking up trash, keeping my car's smog check in order, and turning off the faucet when I am brushing my teeth, however, I haven't quite relented to the reusable bag system or hybrid car purchase. I do though, recycle.

Last night I was watching a show which recounted the events of the first moon walk. It was chilling. I didn't remember this event much when it originally occurred in 1969 because I was too young. I am amazed at what America was able to accomplish so many years ago.

The astronauts talked about how beautiful Earth is from the standpoint of the moon. The fact that he could cover the entire surface of the earth with his thumb, all the living creatures, family, etc. was amazing.

Another astronaut, when they landed in the ocean recalled how blue the ocean was and compared to the desolate moon's surface, appreciated the earth and all of it's living beauty. One mentioned that after his moon walk he never once complained about the weather again. He was thrilled to live in a place which actually had weather.

He said that with the population growth, from outer space you can tell that the urban pollution has had a great affect on the atmosphere. There is now a layer of pollution in the atmosphere which was not there before. Sad.

Another astronaut gave the Earth the label of "Garden of Eden." It hit me hard. We do live in the Garden of Eden. Daily, we take this gorgeous garden for granted. God must shutter at the disrespect we spill on to our Earth.

Although I may never hug a tree, stand in front of a bulldozer headed toward a building project, or tear down my house and build one out of moss and hay, I do appreciate the Earth more now than I did yesterday. It is our Garden of Eden.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Paying Attention

I am a big fan of Jack Johnson. My husband happened upon him a few years ago and now I am hooked. One of my dreams is to go to Hawaii and see him live. He lives there and performs there often. Wouldn’t that be fun?

My kids love his music too. He inspires me. I wish that I could sing well. I can carry a tune and all, but as far as singing a solo, people would cry. I’ll stick to roller skating backwards. I can do that.

The other day I was folding clothes and listening to one of Jack Johnson’s CD’s. Since it is scratched, I never get to hear the last two songs due to the relentless skipping. Can I just say that cassette tapes never skipped? And, if the tape part happened to slip out too far, a nice eraser on the end of a pencil did the job of turning the wheel perfectly so that the tape went back to its original resting place. CD’s scratch, and skip, a lot. Bring back the cassette tape?

The song that I kept playing over and over again is a song called, Wasting Time. I love the chorus of the song. It is a constant reminder to me to mind my own business and, before I act too quickly in judging others, to take a step back and consider the “log in my own eye.”

Everybody thinks
That everybody knows
About everybody else
But nobody knows
Anything about themselves
Because they’re all worried
About everybody else

God is such a great giver of reminders. I just hope that I am always paying attention!

Check out my "If Only" article on the MOPS website here. Thanks!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Consistant Complaining

I’m not a big fan of complaining. I used to wait tables with an older gal who was an incessant complainer. Nothing, evidently, worked well in her life. I dreaded working with her because she put such a damper on the environment, while I tried my best to make the most of my situation.

We worked at a restaurant located right on the water of the Pacific Ocean. It was a spectacular view of boats, birds, gondolas, and expensive homes. We made great money and working on the patio was a highlight. There wasn’t much to complain about in fact the toasty rolls we served to the customers we delicious, especially when dipped into a fresh bowl of clam chowder.

She was single, aging, living alone, waiting tables, lost, without God, frustrated, watching her friends marry and bear children, and miserable. To this day she is still waiting tables, single, lonely, and without the Lord. To me she never made any effort to improve her situation and instead had a steady flow of complaints ready to unload.

I have my fair share of complaints. Because I am a mother of four children, it is my job to complain every now and again. However, I also make a point to count my blessings. At my worst moments, God places situations in front of me which cause me to be thankful, people who are worse off, struggling more, or experiencing health problems. I hope that people don’t refer to me as a complainer—I have so much.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baseball vs. Boy

Final score:

In his attempt to steal second base, he ran back to first, slid to the ground on his chest reaching for the base, the catcher threw the ball low and it landed on someones face. Guess who's?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toot! Toot!

That is the sound of my own horn tooting! Please be kind and check out my "If Only" article featured on the MOPS website.

My son just asked me if I wrote a post asking people to check out my article because I didn't have anything else to write if!! I have plenty to write about and he is on my list!

What is your "If Only?"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh My Guy!

My friend from Georgia says, "Y'all" like y'all the time. I asked her if she ever says, "witcha didja" and admittedly she does. ["you didn't bring your laptop witcha didja?"]

I grew up using the word, "guy" all the time. "Let's go guys! Where were you guys? Guy! (as in "shoot" or "shucks") and Hey Guys!" are a few of my most popular phrases.

I also prefer "holy cow" and "goodness" sprinkled in with other words that usually remain tucked beneath my breath, in a whisper.

It is also a requirement that if you are from So. Cal you have to use the words, "awesome," "totally," and "heinous." (We had a totally awesome day at the beach, even though I got a totally heinous sunburn.)

I don't make the rules, I just do what I'm told. Guy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Game Show Host

Attention all six blog readers, this is not a cop out, I repeat, this is not a cop out!

I had the blessing of spending some time with a great friend from Georgia, Annie, for the last few days. In grand attempts to show her the O.C., with kids in tow, we managed through some fun times. She created a fun game called, "Name that Price, Country Girl" which I hosted.

If you are not from Southern California you can tell from the video that in addition to astronomical gas prices, our doggie treats and clothing prices are quite high. It is a good thing that I no longer have a dog, and my children do not wear skater hats with scary symbols blazed across the front. My country friend was very surprised, y'all.

Sarah and her daughter Hope start the video with a ferris wheel experience, and our funny game comes a bit later - 1:08 to be exact if you want to slide the circle to the right. I have extremely non-techie tenancies and could not upload the video directly to my blog. Ugg! Can you name that price?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

Leave it to a group of men to schedule a basketball game on Father's Day. Mothers would have no part of any activity scheduled on Mother's Day.

Tomorrow I will be taking our oldest to a basketball game while the rest of the family celebrates Father's day with my husband and father-in-law. I feel bad.
If the game was early in the morning, we would still have the rest of the day to celebrate, however, my son has to be on the court at 3:45. He is in severe baseball shape and not basketball shape, so this should be interesting. I'll bring my magazine.

Perhaps we could celebrate Father's Day on Monday. I could use a break from the normal a.m. fighting and "what are we going to do today?" comments which begin immediately following breakfast. Summer has arrived.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I woke up to small warm body next to me taking up my half of the bed. When did he come in?

Every time I shoo him back to his room, he falls into a heap of excuses why my bed is better for him. His first excuse is "bad dreams." When I press for a description of the scary dream he fumbles. He eventually concocts a story which includes an invisible shoe chasing him. Hmmmm, if the shoe is invisible, how does he know that it is chasing him?

His other, overused excuse, is that he misses me. This generates no sympathy what so ever.

My back hurts, and since being woken up two times, I am tired. Kids in my bed is not good. Even if it is a king size mattress. No excusess.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today is the first official day of summer. School ended yesterday. My youngest mister graduated from pre-kindergarten and will enter Jr. kindergarten. My middle mister finished kindergarten and will enter the first grade. My big mister will be in sixth grade next year, and my daughter, after 10 years at the same school, has graduated from the 8th grade.

The day could not have been crazier unless I had a few additional children. My dear, dear, friend Annie was visiting from Georgia, who by the way, makes me laugh harder than anyone, and after trying to be three places at one time I failed. I missed the kindergarten awards. Maybe I was in the quad area talking, maybe. I had to leave early from the preschool program, and when my fifth grader saw me enter his classroom, he shooed me away with his hand, "You don't need to be here, it's okay."

My daughter lounged at home anticipating her Chick-fil A lunch, and once we finally got there to meet Annie and Sarah, $28.00 later, I hit my head on the glass separating the play area from the dining area, after getting ranch dressing opened for dipping, placing mounds of ketchup out for each child and organizing napkin distribution, my youngest had to go to the bathroom. This was not the bathroom visit which takes less than a minute, and was prior to my first bite of food.

He then threw his toy in the air and it landed on a fellow diners' tray, then took the keys from my purse hoping to unlock the door inside the play area which led to the "behind the scenes" of the climbing apparatus. Notice the repeat offender? Fun stuff.

After surviving Chick-fil A, God bless Annie for hanging out with us and not crying, my daughter decided that her eyebrows needed a trim before graduation and secretly cut the hairs leaving a bald spot on one eyebrow. She attempted to tan her one arm that she deemed "too white," at 5:00 at night, and refused to let anyone see her in her dress without it being covered by the red, polyester gown. It's a good thing I only spent $11.50 on her dress at Forever 21, which closely resembled this.

Today we are doing nothing. I mean it, nothing. I have a lot of lounging to catch up on and today is the day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Would Your Mom Say?

My previously shy, introverted, silent, middle mister has come out of his shell. This metamorphosis occurred over the course of kindergarten. He now thinks that he is responsible for making the rest of those around him laugh.

At his end-of-the-year picnic he thought it would be funny to poke his face with a fork. When my girlfriend witnessed his "forking" she mentioned, "Hey, did you forget how to use a fork?" Quickly he retorted, "Yea." She then asked, "What your mom say if she knew that you forgot how to use your fork?" He hesitated, then replied, "She would probably put it on her blog."

Our poor children. Their every action is a potential blog post. Oh the pressure! They just may be in therapy within the next few years, which would just be another blog post.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation all I ever Wanted

We will not be going to Hawaii this year. After a 2 hour phone conversation and a large amount of “points” we were scheduled to go to Hawaii. After our airlines went bankrupt and the tickets tripled in price, we will not be going to Hawaii.

I was 18 when I first visited Hawaii. Our senior class went together, with very few chaperons, the drinking age of 18, and freedom from high school and parents. I could not fully afford the trip, so I worked a second job at Mobil Gas. I stood for hours in a box while folks of every size and shape slapped down cash or credit cards, telling me their pump number so that I could key in the necessary amount, and click on the gas pump. Riveting.

The money was good from what I remember. I had to take off a week of work in order to go on the trip, so I trained my mother to work the cash register, and she worked for me while I went to Hawaii. That is crazy. What the owner?

Hawaii isn’t going anywhere. Eventually, the prices will decrease, the months will pass, the economy will settle down, and we will visit Hawaii. We have beautiful beaches 20 miles from here, and endless ways of meeting the needs of four children on summer break. I just may have to work two jobs in order to pay for all of the activities, but at least it will be cheaper than flying to Hawaii.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Run Amuck

What do you get when you combine running through thick mud, getting sprayed with a fire hose, stomping in knee deep mud after climbing a wooden wall, walking across a lake in neck high water, crawling up a slick muddy hill while getting sprayed with a fire hose, and swimming across pool of mud unable to stand? The Camp Pendleton Mud Run. F-U-N hug the “F”

I ventured on a one hour car ride with 9 moms and ran 6 miles in dirt, sand, and mud. Had the weather been in the 60's I would have been miserable, but it was in the mid-70's and the water was actually refreshing the mud was not. I had to throw away my shoes at the end of the race. They were caked with mud and sand. I had twigs and dirt in places where dirt and twigs don't belong.

We had to wait for our team of 5 to cross the finish line together so the run took us 1 hour and 38 minutes, not bad for a few older ladies.

People go absolutely crazy at this "fun run." There were girls with Playboy bunny ears complete with tails and hot pink shirts, there were half-naked 20-something girls, there were military folk running in full camouflage including boots, and drunk people throwing up after the first big hill. We were quite normal, dressed in matching red shirts and black shorts.

We gleefully finished off our day with some huge burritos and greasy chips and salsa. Delicious. I am tired today, but life goes on. I don't think that I am going to run again for the next month, and I am definitely avoiding all mud puddles.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I find myself often anticipating the next thing avoiding the humps that life can bring.
If only I could get past Thursday, when everyone's tests are over.

I can't wait until Wednesday night, when school will be out.

I wish it was Sunday and my house would already be clean. (I clean on Saturday)

I hope that 11:00 on Sunday comes quickly and I am eating breakfast out, after running in a 10k, in the mud!

I really don't like that about myself, and wish that I could savor the moment that I am in presently, as tough, or uncomfortable as it may be.

Psalm 90:4 says, "A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night."

That is amazing to me. Sometimes the weeks fly by, but often times they crawl by at a snails pace. I don't wish to hurry the days along, I just want to find the joy in every day. Just another one of the things that I need to work on improving.

Friday, June 6, 2008


I cannot tolerate fruit with seeds that you are supposed to be eaten, with the exception of strawberries. I steer clear of raspberries, blackberries, and every other berry, except blue and straw, due to their flourishing amount of hard, break-your-teeth-off, stuck in your teeth for days, seeds.

I happen to love the fact that the most common watermelon in the stores is seedless, or at least supposed to be seedless. Although the black seeds are easy to maneuver around, I prefer not to maneuver. Seedless watermelon though, are not entirely seedless. I guess the produce folk figure that a few flimsy white seeds are non-invasive and can move easily through your digestive system. They bother me. Seedless watermelon are not seedless.

After cutting the watermelon up into spears, I dish some up for myself and the kids, but not before I take a fork and flick out the white seeds, the ones on top that are showing. I don't think that my kids are as bothered as I am with the white seeds, but I have been known in the past to do too much for my kids. (No, I do not make their beds for them, but I do put their clean laundry away in their drawers...oops)

Dear Produce Folk,
Please do not call watermelon with tons of white seeds, "seedless." That would be a lie. Please relabel your "seedless" watermelon, "lacking black seeds, but littered with white seeds." Thank you.
Yours Truly,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Social Filter

Children do not have social filters which help them discern whether or not what they are thinking should escape from their mouths.

"Why does she have pink hair?"
"That man has a big belly."
"Why are you so small?"

When I taught second grade the experience was humbling.

"You have a hole in your sweater."
"What is that brown spot above your lip?"
"Why is your front tooth yellow?"

Explanation was defeating since I had no idea what they were talking about in the first place. Yellow tooth? Where? What brown spot? Do I need an immediate lip wax? Where is a candle?

Some adults lack a social filter.

"Your baby is too young to be outside."
"I liked your hair better the other way."
"You've gained some weight, good, I've always thought that you were too thin."

Men have no social filter.

"Dude, you're fat. Lay off the burgers!"
"Your wife is way too good looking for your mug."
"Did you borrow those shoes from your dad?"

My middle mister has a very good friend who is on the smaller side of the growth chart. I have tried to explain the social filter to him since he is always telling his friend how small he is, and that he has small ears. I think that he is beginning to understand how this might hurt his friends feelings, but who knows. Kids always tell it like they see it.

I hope that my social filter is always in the "on" position, although I'm sure that I have said things which sure not exactly acceptable, socially. I have a lot of things that I need to work on. It is a good thing that perfection is saved for eternity, I am a work in progress.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hot Blanket

My daughter had her blanket which is now in shreds, shoved in the top of her closet. My oldest son had his binky. He held that passie close by until the age of three, when he gained a big boy bed and was asked to give up his pacifier. My next boy had his bottle. I think he would still lay on our denim blue couch and suck down his milk through a bottle, given the opportunity. My youngest has a blankie - Blanketie. It is thread bare, and falling apart, passed down from my biggest mister, it is now almost 12 years old.

He is very particular about the temperature of his blanket. If someone accidentally sits on top of it for any length of time, he will complain that we made it hot. If Blanketie ends up outside, again, it is too hot for snuggling.

He has been known to put his blanket in the freezer to cool it down. Especially during the hotter months, this is a necessity. He oohs and ahhs over it's fresh, cold, feeling, and the bigger kids follow suit by sticking their pillows inside the freezer for a cool blast of air.

Since growing up without central air conditioning, I remember putting my pillow outside to make it cold. It would have never fit inside our small freezer. Falling asleep on hot nights was always easier when my pillow was cold. I get the whole hot blanket thing.

To help us stay cool, my parents also put a box fan in the window facing the outside. I could never understand how the fan was supposed to cool down the house when it was facing the outside. They claimed some scientific excuse, and I bought into the idea. My dad grew up in Missouri, so along with salting his watermelon, I chalked the idea up to a weird Missouri thing.

Last night we could not find Blanketie. My five year old cannot sleep without his trusty companion, Blanketie. We searched everywhere, including the car and backyard. Finally he leaped from his bed and ran to the kitchen. I heard the freezer door open as he shouted, "Now I remember. Here he is!" Blanketie was safely tucked inside the freezer, avoiding "hot blanket" syndrome.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh Goodie

I want to scold the person who thought that adding goodie bags to a birthday party was a good idea. Thankfully, by the time kids get to be teenagers, goodie bags are obsolete.

The mini deck of cards, squishy ball, and fashion sunglasses, typically get broken, misplaced in a nearby round container, or find their way to a catch all toy bin sucked into a never land, and forgotten about within hours.

My son went to a 12 year old birthday party where all of the items in his bag were embellished with Hannah Montana's photo. Even though it was a fun joke, I had trouble deciding what to do with the Hannah Montana magnet, notepad, and button.

Since I am still in the midst of birthday parties for younger folk, I find the goodie bag necessary and expected. I refuse to purchase cheep toys that will disappear and stick to loading the bags with sugar laden snacks. In addition to fruit snacks, Mike and Ikes, suckers, and Nerds candies, I tossed in a party popper. Party poppers are shaped like a bottle and have a small string hanging from the bottom. When the string is pulled, and "bang" is heard, confetti string falls out of the bottom. This probably wasn't the best choice for a five year old party, however, I knew that it wouldn't get tossed, broken, chewed by the dog, or demolished.

I'm sure that I will get some interesting looks from parents when they open the bags and see all the candy and poppers, but I have greater things to worry about, one of those being keeping three children engaged in their academics for the next four days. Perhaps I should give my children a party popper every time they finish an assignment. That just may help.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Falling Short

I am not very good at a lot of things. One of those things happens to be crossword puzzles. I opened the Los Angeles Times Magazine just to take a gander at the crossword puzzle and I was unable to figure out the first three numbered clues. I'm just not smart like that.

One down: Item in a bucket: I guessed water, soap, and dirt. It was a three letter space. I couldn't think of anything so I went to 2 down. Lawyer's org: I had nothing. 3 down: Meditation method: Yoga, Pilates, chant? It was three letters, I failed again.

At this point I began looking through all of the clues to find out if I knew any answers to anything. Word with chase or jack: Rabbit? Infuriate: Where is my thesaurus? Didn't miss: Hit? Name for an ice cream shop: parlor?

My lack of knowledge was disappointing. I gave up quickly and read through the rest of the magazine avoiding the crossword puzzle entirely.

My mother-in-law is fantastic at crossword puzzles and even has a brand new crossword puzzle dictionary. I wouldn't know what do to with that book.

In the future I will avoid crossword puzzles and stick to word searches. I am good at doing those, and I don't need a special book to help with the answers.

In case you are curious the answers are below. If you did well with the clues please don't tell me. It will just make me feel even more like a loser.

~remember the ala mode

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seventeen Years Ago

I'll never forget our first kiss. We stood outside of a local restaurant after feasting on some "happy hour" appetizers and couldn't stop talking. He had a prior engagement that he needed to go to and I was on my way to volunteer at the youth group at our church so our time together was coming to a close.

As our conversation trailed off into "I'll call you when I get home" and "Have a great night" he leaned down and kissed me. I was in heaven, and didn't want the evening to end. He was a great kisser!

Seventeen years, and four kids later I still love the way my husband kisses. He is my man, my rock, and my best friend. He is a fantastic husband, father, and spiritual leader of our family. I am blessed to call him mine.

Happy Anniversary to us!