I cannot tolerate fruit with seeds that you are supposed to be eaten, with the exception of strawberries. I steer clear of raspberries, blackberries, and every other berry, except blue and straw, due to their flourishing amount of hard, break-your-teeth-off, stuck in your teeth for days, seeds.

I happen to love the fact that the most common watermelon in the stores is seedless, or at least supposed to be seedless. Although the black seeds are easy to maneuver around, I prefer not to maneuver. Seedless watermelon though, are not entirely seedless. I guess the produce folk figure that a few flimsy white seeds are non-invasive and can move easily through your digestive system. They bother me. Seedless watermelon are not seedless.

After cutting the watermelon up into spears, I dish some up for myself and the kids, but not before I take a fork and flick out the white seeds, the ones on top that are showing. I don't think that my kids are as bothered as I am with the white seeds, but I have been known in the past to do too much for my kids. (No, I do not make their beds for them, but I do put their clean laundry away in their drawers...oops)

Dear Produce Folk,
Please do not call watermelon with tons of white seeds, "seedless." That would be a lie. Please relabel your "seedless" watermelon, "lacking black seeds, but littered with white seeds." Thank you.
Yours Truly,


Denise said…
linda- you are funny!
i am actually a bit erked that there are NO seeds in watermelons. now don't get me wrong, i like not having to maneuver around the seeds, BUT my kiddos have no compassion for the mommy who was terrified that a watermelon would grow in her stomach. i watch them eat their watermelon free of that hurts the watermelon loving little girl in me :-)

hmmmm, and i do not put my kids laundry away for them.
Mel said…
I TOTALLY agree. I had these exact thoughts last week while cutting open a white-seeded watermelon. Blech.