Garden of Eden

A tree hugger I am not. A "Save the planet" person? I do my fair share to avoid littering, picking up trash, keeping my car's smog check in order, and turning off the faucet when I am brushing my teeth, however, I haven't quite relented to the reusable bag system or hybrid car purchase. I do though, recycle.

Last night I was watching a show which recounted the events of the first moon walk. It was chilling. I didn't remember this event much when it originally occurred in 1969 because I was too young. I am amazed at what America was able to accomplish so many years ago.

The astronauts talked about how beautiful Earth is from the standpoint of the moon. The fact that he could cover the entire surface of the earth with his thumb, all the living creatures, family, etc. was amazing.

Another astronaut, when they landed in the ocean recalled how blue the ocean was and compared to the desolate moon's surface, appreciated the earth and all of it's living beauty. One mentioned that after his moon walk he never once complained about the weather again. He was thrilled to live in a place which actually had weather.

He said that with the population growth, from outer space you can tell that the urban pollution has had a great affect on the atmosphere. There is now a layer of pollution in the atmosphere which was not there before. Sad.

Another astronaut gave the Earth the label of "Garden of Eden." It hit me hard. We do live in the Garden of Eden. Daily, we take this gorgeous garden for granted. God must shutter at the disrespect we spill on to our Earth.

Although I may never hug a tree, stand in front of a bulldozer headed toward a building project, or tear down my house and build one out of moss and hay, I do appreciate the Earth more now than I did yesterday. It is our Garden of Eden.


Sarah Markley said…
Beautifully said, Linda!
Brad Huebert said…
Amen. Those moments are so important, aren't they?
Lisa Diederichs said…
Were you watching When We Left Earth?

Oh my goodness ... I'm so addicted to those documentaries!