I woke up to small warm body next to me taking up my half of the bed. When did he come in?

Every time I shoo him back to his room, he falls into a heap of excuses why my bed is better for him. His first excuse is "bad dreams." When I press for a description of the scary dream he fumbles. He eventually concocts a story which includes an invisible shoe chasing him. Hmmmm, if the shoe is invisible, how does he know that it is chasing him?

His other, overused excuse, is that he misses me. This generates no sympathy what so ever.

My back hurts, and since being woken up two times, I am tired. Kids in my bed is not good. Even if it is a king size mattress. No excusess.


Erin said…
"but Mommy, I was just afraid that you would miss me too much if I slept in my own bed all night"...this is Hunter's standard.
Sheila said…
I just can't sleep with kids in my bed, either!

I usually let them stay for 5 minutes and then shoo them back to their rooms.

But now my youngest is 10, and last night she wanted to cuddle because she wasn't feeling well. And I let her, because I don't know how much longer she'll want me like that!

I just love feeling her breathe next to me. And I feel the clock ticking....

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